Wisconsin Teaching Fellows

2004 Summer Institute


June 21 – June 25, 2004

Pyle Center, Madison, WI





Summer Institute is designed to provide an opportunity for intensive discussion and inquiry into teaching and learning.  We will work together to understand our teaching/learning histories and possibilities, the worlds of our students, and early-career faculty dilemmas.  Working within the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning perspective which values the understanding of teaching and student learning as scholarly work, we will collaborate to develop individual year-long projects.  We expect that you will come prepared to argue over the readings, play with new ideas, and help each other find creative approaches to teaching, learning, and career dilemmas.


            ***The readings in your SI packet and materials gathered at Faculty College

              will provide a common  background for our focus on teaching and learning.                                



Monday, June 21


8:30 – 10:15          Asking Questions/Gathering Data


                                (Joint meeting with the Wisconsin Teaching Scholars)


                                     **Bass, Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the Problem

                                     **Hutchings, Introduction to Opening Lines                        



10:30-12:00             Work in Groups 1-5 to design Boice Presentations


1:30-3:30                  Boice, Advice for New Faculty Members: Chapters 1-6


                                  (Group #1- Gwen, Carol, Shaun…Wait/Begin Before Ready)


                                  (Group #2- Holly, Pete, Madeline…Brief Sessions/Stop)


                                  (Group #3- Dean, Linda, Pam…Moderate/Moderate)



6:30                             Dinner at Donna’s home



Tuesday, June 22


8:30-10:00                   Boice, Chapters 7, 19, 8


                                     (Group #5- Simei, Lisa, Rami…Let Others Work/Academic Culture)    


             (Group #4- Denise, Kat, Rhonda…Classroom Incivilities)


10:30-12:00                 Teaching as Performance

                                    Lisa Kornetsky, Director OPID

                                     **Fisch, On Entrances




1:30-3:30                     Panel/Project Presentations by past Teaching Fellows

                                     (Theresa Castor, Brad Hinaus, and ??)


3:30                            Individual preparation for Wednesday project brainstorming


                                    Dinner on your own



Wednesday, June 23



8:30-12:00                   What does SoTL work look like?

                                    Presentations by past Teaching Scholars and Fellows

                                     (Joint meeting with Scholars)



1:30-4:00                     Project Possibilities: Brainstorming

                                     (And Best Practice descriptions where appropriate)                       



                                   Dinner on your own


Thursday, June 24


 8:30-10:00                  Best Practices: Demonstrations/Descriptions



10:30-12:00                 Best Practices Continued


1:30-3:30                     Project Brainstorming #2


6:00                             Pizza Party at Lisa Kornetsky’s house



Friday, June 25

8:30-11:30                   Proposed Projects                 


11:30-12:00                 Evaluations, Expectations, Plans for the Year