Undergraduate Teaching Improvement Council

Wisconsin Center, March 14, 1997


Present: Dick Berke, David Blankinship, DeWitt Clinton, Terry Gibson, Rene Gratz, Doug Johnson, Lisa Kornetsky, Judith Paul, Hal Schlais, Jim Taylor, Kay Taube, David Zierath

Absent: Joan Bischoff, Linda Carpenter, Bill Cerbin, Anthony Ciccone, Esther Fahm, Rex Fuller, Suzanne Griffith, Catherine Helgeland, Nan Jordahl, Janet Malone, Charles Matter, Ron Mickel, Mike Nicolai, Beecham Robinson, Erika Sander, Tim Sewall, Alan Shucard, Robert Skloot, Jerry Stark, David Staszak, Donald Weber

Ex-Officio Members: Hal Schlais

Students: absent

Staff: Susan Kahn, Rebecca Karoff, Tammy Kempfert, David Junker, Donna Silver

Guests: Les Howles

I. Introduction and Overview of Agenda

To accommodate late arrivals due to bad weather, the meeting was pushed back from 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM. UTIC director Susan Kahn, serving as interim chair in Bill Cerbin's absence, called the meeting to order. She noted that elections for open committee positions would have to be postponed as required by UTIC voting procedures, which specify a quorum of at least half the voting membership. Susan also said that committee meetings might have to be modified or postponed altogether due to poor attendance, but suggested that the council decide by committee.

Susan introduced guest speaker Les Howles from UW-Madison's Division of Instructional Technology.

II. Presentation: Teaching and Technology in the Classroom (see attachment for details)

Les Howles, UW-Madison Division of Instructional Technology (DoIT)

12:05 - 1:05 Lunch Break

Business Meeting

Susan Kahn reconvened the meeting by announcing that due to lack of a quorum, voting for committee positions would have to be postponed as required by UTIC committee procedures.

She then introduced Jim Taylor, who has been involved with student initiatives to revise student course evaluation questionnaires at UW-Madison. He noted that a recent article in a UW-Madison student newspaper published results of student evaluations, and teachers were concerned that they might be misrepresented due to the questionnaires' lack of standardization and wide variability among scoring systems. Most recently, students and faculty have come to an agreement on a revised proposal. That proposal includes the following provisions: questions will be divided into six areas; evaluations will be assessed on a scale from one through five; departments are free to design the questions within the six assigned areas; and results will be published as part of a student handbook. Detailed reports are available for those who would like more information. Please contact Jim Taylor or UTIC for more information.

At 1:25 PM Susan introduced Hal Schlais who gave a report on UW System budget news related to technology. Those interested in an update may contact Hal Schlais at (608) 265-5362 or hschlais@ccmail.uwsa.edu.

Susan also asked for discussion about future UTIC initiatives, including the commemoration of UTIC's 20th anniversary in 1997. She asked that council members think about and forward to the UTIC staff ideas and suggestions to fittingly and creatively observe this anniversary.

Jim Taylor suggested that UTIC consider a name change to reflect the increased scope of UTIC involvement in learning issues. Susan acknowledged the topic worthy of discussion, suggesting we pursue it further in the fall.

Donna Silver and David Junker reported on the development of a database designed to make records of campus participation in UTIC events and activities accessible to council members, campuses, vice chancellors and staff. Donna and Dave indicated that records from the current year are nearly complete, and that records from previous years will be entered on an ongoing basis from the present backward. Although the database is currently accessible only through the UTIC staff, plans are being made to make it available by downloading from the UTIC Web page.

Finally, the Council broke into committees, with the exception of the Professional Development Committee, which had no members in attendance.

Committee Meetings

Grants Committee

Present: Doug Johnson and Dave Blankinship

Staff: Tammy Kempfert and Donna Silver

As this year’s UTIG observer, Dave Blankinship gave his report on the UTIG review process. He recommended that the review sheets be revised for next year's guidelines. His suggestion was to have either a five or seven point scale, with the end points clearly reflecting what is being measured. If the evaluation sheet and the review criteria are the only changes in the guidelines, an announcement for next year's grants could be made as early in the Spring as possible.

Dave also advised dropping the collaboration requirements. Those present felt it would be wise to poll the rest of the committee via the listserv and then forward a recommendation on to the Executive Committee. If this recommendation is adopted, the UTIC staff would then have to revise the guidelines quickly, because the committee felt it important to get the guidelines out to the campuses sometime in April.

Other decisions related to the guidelines:

1. Keep the same areas of focus as last year.

2. Rather than singling out proposals which focus on creating classroom web sites, the committee felt that the guidelines should reemphasize that UTIC is looking for proposals that clearly improve teaching and/or learning.

Doug and Dave also wanted to poll the rest of the committee members on whether or not to eliminate the student representation on the review committee. Given the problems of finding enough students to participate in this program and then having them either not show up at all or only be present for part of the process, Council members present felt that eliminating student representation would be one way to solve this administrative dilemma.

Other business items discussed:

  • Dave Junker is busy getting the newly funded proposal abstracts on the UTIC web site.
  • This committee should continue next year.
  • The discussion on multi-year grants was tabled until the consolidation process of other UW System grant programs is finalized.

Faculty Roles and Rewards Committee

Present: DeWitt Clinton, Rene Gratz, Lisa Kornetsky

Staff: David Junker

DeWitt and Rene had to leave early, so the agenda was abridged and the meeting very brief. The committee discussed initiatives involving the future direction of the Faculty Roles and Rewards Conference. Below is an outline of the main points raised by the committee.

  • The possibility of the committee becoming more involved with FRR conference-planning was discussed.
  • Rene suggested that the annual conference work to accommodate people experienced with faculty roles and rewards issues, while simultaneously serving to induct new people into the dialogue.
  • Lisa and DeWitt suggested that the committee, as well as the conference, become more task-oriented.
  • The need for a committee chair was discussed.
  • A motion was made to establish a listserv to continue discussing these and other topics; Dave agreed to set up a list for the committee.

Technology Committee

The four members present voted not to convene a meeting. Instead, Rebecca Karoff agreed to send out a mailing with a variety of documents relevant to the committee’s agenda for that day and for the future.

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