Pyle Center, UW-Madison

September 15, 2000


Present:† Diane Bywaters, Linda Carpenter, Bill Cerbin, Susan Cramer, Sue Foxwell (for Julie Furst-Bowe), Gerald Greenfield, Mary Hampton, Cathy Helgeland, Doug Johnson, Nan Jordahl, Greg Lampe, Penny Lyter, Renee Meyers, Ronald Mickel, Melissa Nelson, Dan Riordan, Erika Sander, Denise Scheberle, Antonia Schleicher, Hal Schlais, Tim Sewall, Bob Skloot, John Stone, M. Kayt Sunwood, Kay Taube, Greg Valde, David Van Buren, Greg Wise.

Absent: Tony Ciccone, Julie Furst-Bowe, Marty Loy, Donald Weber.

Staff: Lisa Kornetsky, Director; Donna Silver, Assistant Director; Rebecca Karoff, Communications Coordinator; Holly Loomis, Program Assistant; Tammy Kempfert, Technical Assistant.

Guests: Alan Aycock, UW-Milwaukee; Glenda Morgan, UW System Administration.

OPIDís Fall Meeting convened at 10:15 a.m. with member introductions.† Doug Johnson, OPID Chair, welcomed the Councilís new members for 2000-01: Susan Cramer, David Van Buren, Kayt Sunwood, Melissa Nelson, and Greg Lampe.†

Lisa Kornetsky announced that the faculty development information recently submitted by OPIDís campus representatives will be compiled by OPID staff and made available at a later date. She also asked that Council members consider serving as observers for Faculty College, scheduled next year for June 4-7.

A discussion of OPIDís new initiatives followed.

         Wisconsin Teaching Fellows Program.† Lisa outlined changes to the Teaching Fellows Program, which include 1) making the program available to pre-tenure faculty only, 2) revising the selection process to give the campuses full discretion over their nominees, 3) limiting the Fellows to one per campus, and 4) condensing Summer Institute to one week. Lisa also announced that Bill Cerbin planned to resign from his Co-Director position after this year. Long-time Co-Director Tony Ciccone will also leave the program to direct the new Teaching Scholars program. Jane Ewens, UW-Waukesha, has been named as Teaching Fellows Director.

         Wisconsin Teaching Scholars Program.† The Teaching Scholars Program embarks on its pilot year this fall, with nominations due to the Office of Academic Affairs on December 1, 2000. Lisa explained that the program, developed in response to OPIDís mid-career initiative, will reward faculty who have more than ten years teaching experience for their achievements in teaching and student learning. It also seeks to build a core of resource people who, as former Wisconsin Teaching Scholars, would serve as leaders in faculty development on their respective campuses and throughout System, she said.

Council members raised concerns over the selection process for the pilot year and over institutional costs. After a lengthy discussion, Lisa offered to review the Councilís considerations with Tony Ciccone and the Executive Committee and report back to the Council via the listserv.

         OPID/LTDC/EMTC Meeting.† Lisa announced a February meeting for OPID, LTDC, and EMTC representatives, Strategies for Faculty Development Using Technology. A list of LTDC and EMTC representatives will be distributed to the OPID Council soon.

         Spring Conference.† This year, we have reallocated money within our budget for OPIDís Spring Conference, and Lisa reported that she and the staff are trying to bring in PEW Scholars Randy Bass, Barbara Cambridge, and Pat Hutchings for the event. Updates will be provided at a later date.

         Department Chairs Workshop.† Lisa announced that the UW System Legal Department, along with Academic Planner Gary Alexander, is planning this yearís Department Chairs Workshop. Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker, UW System General Counsel, will give the keynote address. The event will take place in Madison, October 19-20, 2000.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m. for lunch and reconvened at 1:15 p.m.

At that time, Donna Silver updated the Council on the grants programs with which OPID is involved. She advised Council members to refer to the Academic Affairs grants website at http://www.uwsa.edu/acadaff/grants , and she suggested they consider attending the upcoming Grants Dissemination Conference on October 6, 2000, in Madison. Other grants program information included:

         The Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grants (UTLG). This program, created when the UTIG program merged with the Undergraduate Initiative Grant program, is seeking one additional Council member to serve on its Review Committee for a three-year term.

         Conference Development Grants.† Donna requested volunteers to this yearís CD Grants Review Committee for the programís two funding cycles.

         Discipline-Based Consortial Activity Grants. Lisa explained that the goal of this program, in its second year, is to provide seed money to bring together colleagues within a discipline to examine issues of teaching and learning and explore the potential for long-term collaboration. She directed members to the Grants Program website (http://www.uwsa.edu/acadaff/grants/dbcag/dbc.htm) for further information.

Guest presenter Alan Aycock, UW-Milwaukee, conducted a session titled Going On-Line With Your Course: Ten Design Tips, about his experiences using the internet in his classroom.

At 3:15, Lisa led a discussion on the role of OPID representatives, during which the reps commented on their understanding of their duties as members of the OPID Council. Because some of the newer representatives were less clear about their roles, Lisa suggested that faculty and administrative reps schedule a meeting with their Provosts to clarify how they execute their responsibilities on their respective campuses. OPID staff will send out the revised By-laws and Operating Procedures soon, she said.

A brief discussion of the need for ad hoc committees followed, with Council members generally agreeing that they were comfortable with the Executive Committee acting as a planning committee for OPID activities.

The Council adjourned its Fall Meeting at 3:45 p.m.

--Submitted by Tammy Kempfert

The Office of Professional & Instructional Development, formerly UTIC, is a part of the Office of Academic Affairs, University of Wisconsin System.

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