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OPID Fall 2008 Meeting

Pyle Center, Madison
October 3-4, 2008


Present:  Aaron Brower, Bob Eierman, Lori Carrell, Bill Cerbin, Nancy Chick, Simone Conceicao, Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo, Gary Don, Jane Ewens, Heidi Fencl, Suzanne Griffith, Regan Gurung, Rex Hieser, Jane Henderson, Molly Immendorf, Peggy James, John Koker, Terry Mannetter, Renee Meyers, Betsy Morgan, Bonnie Peterson, Patricia Ploetz, Jim Robinson, George Smith, Wendy Stankovich, Kay Taube, Joanne Wilson, Greg Valde

Absent:  Rich Hartel, Doug Johnson, Dan Riordan, Susan Wildermuth, Steve Wright
Staff: La Vonne Cornell-Swanson, Interim Director; Donna Silver, Assistant Director

Guest:  Ron Singer, UW System, Norlene Emerson, UW-Richland, Angie Bauer-Dantoin and David Voelker, UW-Green Bay

OPID's Fall Meeting convened at 10:00 a.m. with a word of welcome from La Vonne, OPID's Interim Director. Council members took part a getting to know you ice-breaker before breaking up into small groups to discuss the roles of OPID Reps with members of the Executive Committee and La Vonne.

During lunch the Council was joined by Ron Singer, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. He provided a brief update on the transitions taking place in System Administration and thanked Council members for all the work they do in promoting faculty and instructional development. This was the last day before his retirement so Council Members bid him farewell and thanked him for his strong support of OPID over his 8 years as Associate Vice President.

Lunch was followed by a presentation of former Wisconsin Teaching Fellows Norlene Emerson, UW-Richland, and David Voelker, UW-Green Bay, and Scholar, Angie Bauer-Dantoin also from UW-Green Bay. They told the Council about their projects but also spoke about the WTFS program and how beneficial it has been in terms of their own professional development.

  • ACTION: Co-Directors Jane Ewens and Nancy Chick concluded by urging OPID Reps to participate in recruiting and/or nominating their best faculty and staff for this flagship OPID program.

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to updating the Council on the following issues/activities:

  • Looking ahead to Elections.  John Koker, chair of the Executive Committee, explained that there will be 4 out of the 5 Executive Committee slots opened when we hold our elections in the Spring. In an effort to return to alternating years of 3 and 2 opened slots, he proposed that 1-2 of the current members up for elections might run for a one year term.  He reminded the Council that in 2006 it was agreed that we would remove the designation of 2 faculty, 2 administrators and 1 open slot for the Executive Committee positions. Both of these issues will be revisited by the Executive Committee this fall.

  • Faculty CollegeDonna Silver, Assistant Director of OPID reported that Board of Regent President Mark Bradley will be the keynote speaker and that three of the four seminar slots for Faculty College have been identified:  Renee Meyers, from UW-Milwaukee will lead a session dealing with some aspect of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Lendol Calder, from  Augustana College will do a reprieve of Think Alouds and Jennifer Meta Robinson, director of Campus Instructional Consulting and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program at Indiana University will lead a session on aligning student learning with course objectives.

    • ACTION: Donna asked Council members to contact her if they have any suggestions for the 4th seminar. Ideally OPID would like to have someone addressing human diversity in the classroom.
  • Budget Report.  La Vonne reported on the current state of the OPID budget.  While 40,000 has been permanently removed from the OPID budget to support other Systemwide initiatives, she reported that for FY2010 OPID’s budget will otherwise remain the same.
  • Faculty Developers Project.  La Vonne reported that given the reduction in our budget, this was identified by the Executive Committee as a vulnerable program.  She wants to have a committee re-visit this program during the course of the year.  As the Council members discussed this issue, it was decided that all those involved in Teaching and Learning Centers at their institutions would form an ad hoc committee to first identify a specific target audience and then determine the needs of that audience.  Most were comfortable with narrowing the focus of this project to sharing best practices, and strategies among Teaching and Learning Centers so that new directors would not have to re-invent the wheel. A sign up sheet was passed around.

    •  ACTION: This group will report back to the Council at the Spring Meeting in February.
  • Update on OPID-OLIT (Office of Learning and Information Technology).  La Vonne reported she will be working with the Lorna Wong, the new interim director for OLIT to develop new models of collaboration between OPID and OLIT for supporting faculty and staff professional and instructional development.
  • Teaching Forum.  La Vonne updated Council members on the Executive Committee’s decision to suspend this project due to the permanent cuts in the OPID Budget and the perennial issue of having difficulty soliciting quality work for publication.  She thanked current editor Lori Carrell for her contribution and commitment to Teaching Forum and announced that the October issue should be out soon. 

    • ACTION: La Vonne urged Council members to contact either Lori or herself if they have input for how to sustain this project. 
    • ACTION:  La Vonne and Lori will meet with Teaching Forum’s editorial board to consider how to move forward.
  • Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grant (UTLG) and Conference Development (CD) Grant Programs.  La Vonne called Council members attention to the revised CD RFP that was recently sent out, which now reflects support of several UW System initiatives, specifically around the liberal education and inclusive excellence.  The UTLG RFP, will focus on systematic inquiry into student learning and in doing so support the first action step of the President’s Growth Agenda which focuses on learning outcomes for all UW baccalaureate graduates.  This RFP should be sent out to the Provosts by late October.

    • ACTION: La Vonne encouraged OPID Reps to promote the CD Grants on at their institutions.
    • ACTION: in keeping UTLG a competitive grant process, La Vonne asked that Reps participate in the review of the grant proposals on their campus to promote quality grants from their campuses.
    • ACTION: a signup sheet for the UTLG review committee was passed around, if you did not sign up and would like to, please contact Donna.  La Vonne reminded the reps that they can not serve on this committee if they are submitting a proposal.
  • UW System Staff Changes.  Lastly La Vonne updated  reps on the following UWS changes:

    • Dr. Stephen Kolison is replacing Ron Singer as the Associate Vice President in Academic Affairs and Student Services.
    • Dr. Larry Rubin has been promoted to Associate Vice President in Academic Affairs and Student Services
    • A search is underway for an Associate Vice President for Associate Vice President for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.   This position will replace the Assistant Vice President position for the Office of Academic Diversity and Development (OADD).  Vicki Washington is currently the Interim Assistant VP for OADD.

We adjourned for the day, breaking up into small dinner groups
Saturday, October 4th

At the start of the meeting La Vonne passed around copies of Nancy Chick’s article on OPID that appeared in the summer 2008 issue Wisconsin People and Ideas a publication put out by the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters.

    • ACTION: OPID staff will send a copy of this to the listserve so that you can share it with people at your institution

La Vonne reminded Council members to save April 16-18th for the OPID Spring Conference.  She will be working with the Executive Committee on planning this event, which will focus on assessing student learning and provide a venue for faculty and staff throughout the UW System to showcase their work in this area.

The discussion then returned to the roles of the OPID reps.  There seemed to be consensus for a more concise list or an explanation setting the context for the current document.  Since each campus has its own unique culture, it was agreed that the best way of orienting new reps is to have the out-going rep on their campus discuss roles and expectations. 

    • ACTION: OPID staff  will work on a revised version of the Roles Document
    • ACTION: There was also a request for the OPID staff to create a list of acronyms to help new reps understand the various programs and offices that are mentioned in the course of the meeting.
    • ACTION:  Donna work on revising calls for grants and nominations that are sent out of the OPID office so that it is clear that there is a different campus deadline. (Reps mentioned that the OPID deadline currently on materials is confusing, as campuses create their own deadlines to meet OPID’s).

NSSE Update. George Smith provided Council members with an update on his work with NSSE to create a set of issues for the 2010 NSSE Survey that will help faculty developers at each participating UW System institution.  He will continue to work with an OPID ad hoc committee in identifying issues and report back to the group at our Spring Meeting.

    • ACTION:  George will send out his survey on OPID’s  listserve so that reps who were absent on Saturday have a chance to give provide feedback as well.

Lesson Study Panel was the closing professional development activity for the Fall meeting.  Before getting underway, Regan Gurung introduced Exploring Signature Pedagogies: Approaches to Teaching Disciplinary Habits of Mind a book that he co-edited with Nancy Chick and Aeron Haynie.  He remarked that 20 of the 21 contributors where past or current Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars.  He encouraged the OPID Council Reps to write letters of acknowledgement to the authors that were from their institution.

Bill Cerbin, started the lesson study discussion giving a brief introduction. More information about Lesson Study Groups can be found at: . Regan Gurung and Nancy Chick shared their experiences with the lesson study groups they were involved with.  Bill summarized the session with discussion about the new proposal that Lesson Study received to launch a new phase that involved training faculty to be lesson study trainers on their campus.  The trainers include Dr. Nancy Chick from U W Colleges, Dr. Regan Gurung from UW Greenbay, Dr. Geeththa Samaranayake from UW Whitewater; and Joy Becker, from UW Stout

The meeting concluded with small groups discussing a variety of faculty and staff development issues as they ate lunch.

The Council adjourned its Fall Meeting at noon.


--Submitted by Donna Silver