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OPID Fall 2007 Meeting

Pyle Center, Madison
October 12-13, 2007


Present: Terry Beck, Aaron Brower*, Alison Bunte,  Theresa Castor, Bill Cerbin*, Nancy Chick, Simone Conceicao, Jane Ewens*, Rodd Freitag, Suzanne Griffith, Rich Hartel*, Jane Henderson, Molly Immendorf, Doug Johnson,  John Koker, George Smith, Terry Mannetter, Renee Meyers, Bonnie Peterson, Patricia Ploetz, Jim Robinson, Susie Sandrin, Tim Sewall, Kay Taube*, Greg Valde*, Susan Wildermuth*,Steve Wright

* only present on Friday

Absent: Linda Carpenter, Lori Carrell, Regan Gurung, Wava Haney, Lisa Larson

Staff: Lisa Kornetsky, Director; Donna Silver, Assistant Director

Guests: Carmen Faymonville, Alan Foley, Nikki Mandel, George Savage, Ron Singer

OPID’s Fall Meeting convened with a word of welcome from John Koker, OPID Chair.  John then had members introduce themselves.  On behalf of the Council Lisa recognized our former OPID Chair, Doug Johnson, for his many years of service with a plaque of appreciation. 

Lisa Kornetsky, OPID Director, provided an orientation to OPID and updated the Council on the following issues/activities:

  • System Update.  Lisa spoke about how we have evolved as an organization from a grass roots group to an Office that is closely linked to the UW System Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services.  Given that shift OPID is held more accountable to that larger office for how we operate.  The Council’s role is to help the staff and executive committee clarify OPID’s goals and mission so that we can work with System to accomplish the activities we feel are important.  Lisa briefly spoke of how The Office of Academic Affairs is currently undergoing strategic planning at the same time System Administration is working on a strategic framework exercise which includes convening 7 think tanks. 
  • OPID Update.  Lisa explained how OPID has moved to a distributive leadership model which has 5 pieces:  Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars, Leadership Site for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Teaching Forum, Faculty Developer’s project and Lesson Study.  OPID’s goal this year is to seek more secure funding for these programs so that we commit to further developing these projects over the course of the next few years.
  • Other Updates: 
    • CASTL Program. Lisa described OPID/ UW System Leadership Site’s role in taking the lead in the Cluster/Leadership team for CASTL (Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning).  The goal of this team is to explore how we can learn from each other in doing SoTL work at the system level.  Having just returned from a team meeting in Colorado, Lisa spoke of the challenges is getting the group move forward.  Her hope is that the culminating project will be the creation of a monograph providing models from each of these Systems as to how the work of SoTL gets done on this mega-scale
    • Speakers Bureau.  This is another project OPID will try to pilot in this coming year.  The Council will help (via the listserve) to brainstorm  a list of teaching and learning issues that will help us create an on-line resource list of potential speakers with expertise in those identified areas.
    • Newsletter.  The Executive Committee was charged by the Council to explore the creation of a newsletter over the summer.  Lisa reported that in lieu of a newsletter, we would try 2 simple things for this year; 1. Posting a monthly Teaching Tip on the OPID web-site (these would be archived) and 2. Spotlighting a Teaching and Learning event at one of our System Institutions each month.  UW-Stout will be featured in November.  Other campuses will be invited to sign up—via the listserve.
    • Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars Program.  Directors, Jane Ewens and Nancy Chick, spoke about how the programs have basically merged and in its new iteration we have one program with two tracks.  They urged OPID reps to look over the simplified application. Lisa reminded the Council that this program is for the best and brightest, it is not meant for remediation of problem faculty.
    • CD Grants. Donna described the new focus for this round of grants which are meant to support the development and sponsorship of regional and statewide workshops and conferences for faculty and staff in a specific discipline or set of related disciplines.  The workshops should focus on pedagogical strategies related to the development and/or assessment of student learning outcomes in the discipline.
    • Faculty College 2008.  Council members were told that the program for next Spring is pretty much set.  Steve Woolpert, from St. Mary’s College of California will be exploring teaching and assessing “ecological thinking as a way of knowing”, Renee Meyers, from UW-Milwaukee will do an encore presentation of “gathering SoTL evidence: methods for systemic inquiry into student learning, Lendol Calder, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois is going to be looking at critical thinking and specifically into think alouds, and Greg Valde from UW-Whitewater will also lead a seminar.  Our keynote speaker will be Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking-- she will talk about student engagement.
  • OPID turns 30 Years Old.  To mark this occasion we had a birthday cake upon returning from lunch.
  • System Update from Ron Singer, Associate Vice President for the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services.  Ron further elaborated on the System Strategic Framework and the Office of Academic and Student Services Strategic Plan.  He reminded and thanked Council members for being one of the stakeholders who provided input for strategic planning process.   He also talked to the Council about the VSA (Voluntary System of Accountability) that the UW System is likely to adopt.
  • Conference Development Disciplinary Grant.  George Savage and Nikki Mandel, both from UW-Whitewater, explained how they brought together colleagues in their respective disciplines, English and History for a statewide conference to explore teaching and learning issues within their discipline.  They provided two models for; working with their counterparts on other campuses, for creating a program and for attracting attendees for their events.  Both offered to share their templates and strategies with anyone who was interested applying for the next round of CD grants.
  • Role of the OPID Reps.  Jane Henderson and Dan Riordan, UW-Stout helped start this portion of the meeting off by providing Council members with a model of how they work as a team in fulfilling their roles as OPID reps.  After which reps. met by campus or interest groups to talk about how they might do a better job in carrying out their responsibilities (these roles are described in a separate attachment, which was also handed out at the OPID meeting). [See also attached regarding changes in these roles.]
  • OPID 08-09 Grants Update.  Given the current budget situation, Lisa relayed how the staff and the executive committee have been thinking about strategically focusing our limited grant funds in order to move us forward in obtaining our OPID goals.  The following are the options she mapped out:
    • Continue support of the Leadership Site
    • Continue to fund Lesson Study to sustain its momentum and reach more faculty and staff
    • OPID has agreed to contribute 15,000 for joint  project with LEAP and PK-16
    • Identify general themes that grow out of our goals and those of System, such as Diversity, or 1st Year Experience
    • Take worthy projects that are happening on an institutional level and support them Systemwide
      • Discussion focused on how OPID might identify other such projects, one idea was to put out a call to institutions asking for them to highlight such programs
    • Lend further support to what we are already doing around the System, as with the  UW-Eau Claire’s writing workshop of SoTL work or UW-Parkside’s diversity workshop

The meeting adjourned for the day and resumed on Saturday morning.  Renee Meyers elaborated on her comments from Friday as she talked about the activities currently underway as well as future plans for the Leadership Site:  Over the past year the Leadership Site has facilitated collaborative work on SoTL in various disciplines. What followed was a panel representing English (Nancy Chick, Terry Beck), Communication (Theresa Castor) and Women’s Studies (Renee) which discussed three models for doing SoTL in the Disciplines.  The following issues were addressed:  the composition of each group, how they structured the groups and worked collaboratively, and the advantages and challenges of this model.  Renee asked the Council for suggestions of discipline based groups that she could work with in this manner.

Alan Foley, Learning Technology Liaison from UW System Office of Learning and Information Technology (OLIT), explained to the Council that his office manages learning technology across the System and that he has also has a Council (the Learning Technology Development Council—LTDC).
A lively discussion followed his presentation, on ways that OPID and the LTDC intersect and how we might want to explore the possibility of having an exchange between those two groups.  Council members spoke about how faculty development and learning technology offices are structured at their institutions

The next discussion focused on the future of OPID.   Lisa described her goal to create a matrix assessment tool.  This matrix would list OPID programs and show how they meet with both OPID and UW System’s goals.  She also talked about a project to commemorate this 30th year of OPID.  She would like to create an historical document where everyone who has participated in UTIC/OPID projects for the last 30 years would be surveyed.  Council members suggested:  that we could also collect CV’s from those participants to look for career path trends, that we should include past grant recipients in this study, that we convene focus groups on each campus, video tape them and then edit these video tapes to create a video about OPID’s 30 years.  It was suggested that the Office send out an RFP and use grant funds to hire someone (a former or current OPID rep) to carry out or coordinate this project.

Lastly, Lisa called for volunteers to brainstorm OPID’s 30th anniversary project -- Renee, Theresa and Susie volunteered to have a conference call in December to talk about this.

The meeting was adjourned at noon.