Pyle Center, Madison
September 23, 2005


Present:  Terry Beck, Mo Bishof (designee for Gina Sapiro), Steve Bondeson, Linda Carpenter, Bill Cerbin, Nancy Chick, Denise Clark, Scott Emmons, Chris Evans, Jane Ewens, Rodd Freitag, Regan Gurung, Wava Haney, Doug Johnson, Nan Jordahl, Lisa Larson, Katina Lazarides, Rosemary Keefe, Dick Klawiter, John Koker, Tom LoGuidice, Amy Mangrich, Renee Meyers, Dan Riordan, Tim Sewall, Claudia Smith, Kay Taube, Lillian Tong, Greg Valde

Absent: Holly Breitkreutz, Tony Ciccone, Linda Freed, Robert Kase, Jonathan Shailor, John Stone, Antonia Schleicher

Staff: Lisa Kornetsky, Director; Donna Silver, Assistant Director

Guests: Ron Singer, Associate Vice President

OPID’s Fall Meeting convened at 10:05 a.m. with a word of welcome from Doug Johnson, OPID Chair.  Doug then had members introduce themselves. 

Lisa Kornetsky, OPID Director, updated the Council on the following issues/activities:

Ron Singer, Associate Vice President of Academic and Student Services joined the Council meeting to discuss UW System budget issues and how they impact OPID.  He provided a context for the CBO-Provost Group which was charged by President Reilly to look for efficiencies in how the system operates (i.e. what can be done better at a local level and what can be done better at a system level). In the end, he stressed the importance for OPID Reps to return to their institutions and make a case for the value of system programs such as the faculty development opportunities sponsored by OPID.  Lisa also urged that OPID Reps make a case for OPID benefiting the entire UW System to their Provosts and Vice Chancellors.

We adjourned for lunch

SoLT Initiative. 

Lisa explained that a sub-committee of the Council is currently working on the next RFP, which should come out at the end of October.  The focus in 2006-07 will be to build on past SoTL projects. She encouraged institutions to take on projects that draw on the expertise of the institution and its faculty and staff who are already doing the work of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  In creating the RFP, the committee is trying to create a specific role for the OPID Reps such as writing a letter which would state how the grant relates to the institutional initiatives.

Leadership Site.

Renee Meyers and Katina Lazarides gave Council members an overview of the Leadership Site’s new and improved website.  They also highlighted three new initiatives for this year:

SoTL Campus Reports from UW-Stout and UW-Green Bay.

Dan Riordan reported on UW-Stout’s scholars-mentor program, now in its third year.  He believes this is a successful program, in part due to building communities of scholars, as well as providing affirmation of the work faculty and staff have been doing.  Its impact has helped to change the campus culture to one where the focus is on learning. It has also led to the development of a Teaching and Learning Center.

Regan Gurung informed Council members that UW-Green Bay’s scholars program is now in its fifth year and thriving.  One of the challenges he identified had to do with broadening the appeal of SoTL to the Humanities and Fine Arts

Lisa reported on the national picture for SoTL and how Carnegie is hoping to partner with the UW System and OPID in creating a leadership cluster which focuses on doing this work at a System level.

Role of the OPID Reps

This discussion focused on the two-way communication function of the Reps.  In these difficult budgetary times, OPID depends on the Council Reps to serve as champions of OPID programs and OPID’s mission to provide system support for promoting the valuing of teaching and student learning.

The Council adjourned its Fall Meeting at 3:45 p.m.

--Submitted by Donna Silver


The Office of Professional and Instructional Development is a part of the Office of Academic and Student Services, University of Wisconsin System.