J. F. Friedrick Center, Madison
October 8, 2004


Present: Steve Bondeson, Holly Breitkreutz, Linda Carpenter, Bill Cerbin, Nancy Chick, Jane Ewens, Linda Freed, Rodd Freitag, Regan Gurung, Wava Haney (designee for Greg Lampe), Mary Hopkins Best, Doug Johnson, Nan Jordahl, Lisa Larson (designee for Rosemary Keefe), John Koker, Marty Loy, Tom LoGuidice, Richard Omalley, Dan Riordan, Tim Sewall, Jonathan Shailor, John Stone, Kay Taube, Lillian Tong, Greg Valde

Absent: Donna Anderson, Hal Bertilson, Tony Ciccone, Chris Evans, Lisa Riedle, Dan Riordan, Virginia Sapiro, Antonia Schleicher

Staff: Lisa Kornetsky, Director; Donna Silver, Assistant Director; Amanda Wagner, Practicum Student.

Guests: Ron Singer, Associate Vice President; Renee Meyers, and Katina Lazarides, UW-Milwaukee

OPID’s Fall Meeting convened at 10:30 a.m. with a word of welcome from Doug Johnson, OPID Chair. Doug then had members introduce themselves.

Lisa Kornetsky, OPID Director, updated the Council on the following issues/activities:

Assessment Meeting. This item was actually discussed in the Executive Committee which met briefly prior to joining the rest of the Council at lunch. It was decided to postpone this meeting for the time being.

Teaching Forum. Lisa reported that three individuals have expressed interest in editing this OPID Journal. The Executive Committee will further discuss this when they meet in later this month.

OPID Spring Conference. We have had a wonderful response to our Spring Conference. So far 57 former Fellows and Scholars have expressed interest in attending. Lisa asked for feed back from the institutions about supporting travel. The Council generally felt comfortable with supporting up to 6-8 participants and having OPID cover the rest. There was a request that we let OPID reps know how many people from their campus have responded to this RFP.

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows/Scholars Program. Jane Ewens, director of the Wisconsin Teaching Fellows Program explained both programs for 2005-06 to Council Members. She stated that the criteria and expectations for each group have been made more explicit and this year the stipends/support from the institutions for both groups will be the same: $4,000. The nomination materials will be sent out to the campuses next week.

Faculty/Staff Allocations. Lisa encouraged OPID reps to touch base with their Provosts on how Professional Development Allocation Funds are being used on their campus prior to the Provosts’ November meeting. The concern is that these funds be used for System and Campus initiatives. Currently the decision on how to disperse these funds rests with the campus, so it is important for Provosts to weigh in on this topic when they next meet as a group.

SoTL Grant Reports Due. After some discussion it was agreed that the dead-line for these reports be extended from October 15 to November 15. Renee Meyers reminded the Council that both OPID and the Leadership Site really want to know about the SoTL campus projects, and do not want to receive only a superficial report.

New SoTL Competitive Grants RFP. Lisa directed everyone’s attention to a draft of the RFP for the 2006-07 SoTL grants. These will be four tiered: Individual grants up to $10,000; Collaborative grants up to $15,000; Department/Program/College grants up to $15,000 with a 25% campus match; and Institution grants up to $20,000 with a 25% campus match. Lisa requested that interested Council members volunteer to be part of a small grants review committee which in addition to several Council members will be made up of OPID and UWS Leadership staff members.

Faculty Development Project. Greg Valde provided an introduction to the Faculty Development Project he will be heading this year on OPID’s behalf. He requested that Council members fill out a summary sheet which identified among other things the campus contacts for people who do faculty development as well as the types of faculty development programs that exist at each institution. Then in smaller groups Council members filled out a needs assessment questionnaire that Greg will use in fine tuning next steps for the project. Greg’s hope is to facilitate shared best practices, create materials that answer the needs of the faculty developers in the system, and provide support to those individuals through workshops, possible campus visits and networking/communicating about shared concerns.

Following lunch, Lisa introduced Ron Singer, Associate Vice President for the Office of Academic and Student Services and thanked him on behalf of the Council for his strong support of OPID.

UW Extension SoTL Report. Kay Taube and Holly Breikreutz talked about UW Extension’s SoTL Project and invited other Council members and their campuses to take part in their programs. UW Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Oshkosh agreed to speak further with Kay about hosting regional meeting in conjunction with Extension’s Spring Conference featuring Elizabeth Barkley. Holly also encouraged Council members to visit the project’s web site www.uwex.edu/twt to hear the Randy Bass talk given at last year’s event.

POD Conference. Lisa announced that next year’s POD conference will be in Milwaukee and encouraged all to attend.

SOLT Inititative. Renee provided Council members with a handout that helped to clarify the campus role in terms of OPID, the Leadership Site and AAHE/Carnegie. Her emphasis is that we are poised as a system to serve as a national model which will benefit all of us. Lisa reminded the Council that every campus has agreed to send someone to the AAHE Colloquium in March and that UW-Platteville, Parkside, Green Bay, Madison, Oshkosh and Stout will be asked to send the same person who attended the Colloquium to the AAHE Summer Academy. While the campuses are responsible for the cost of the Colloquium, OPID will cover the cost of the Summer Academy.

Lesson Study Project. Bill Cerbin then described the UW-La Crosse Lesson Study Project. In brief the lesson study project is based on a Japanese practice in K-12 where teachers get together to discuss a single lesson plan over a period of time. Then one of them teaches the lesson and the others observe and critique, thinking of strategies for improving the lesson when it is taught the next time around. For Bill, this is how you get Faculty doing SoTL work which in turn will help legitimize SoTL. Using the web (http://www.uwlax.edu/SoTL/lsp) Bill walked the Council members through the Lesson Study Web site, which invites faculty outside UW-La Crosse to develop a lesson study plan. He also invited Council members who are interested in undertaking a project to contact him. His long time goal would be to make the UW Sysstem the nexus of Lesson Study Plans in the country. OPID will provide seed money in this coming year to encourage faculty from around the system in participating in the venture.

Moving forward with OPID. Although we have a strategic plan, Lisa suggested that we revisit it at this point in time, in response to senior administration’s request that we create a statement defining OPID’s multiple roles in faculty and professional development. Questions were raised as to what role System should play in professional development such as: advocating and supporting systemwide initiatives, as well as providing leadership, guidance and training for campus faculty development programs. There was consensus that without OPID’s support initiatives such as SoTL could not at this point be sustained at the institutional level. It was also acknowledged that OPID allows for networking across institutions which is invaluable in sharing resources and best practices which in turn serve to build on the strengths our institutions have in being part of a larger system. Also valued are OPID’s flagship programs; The Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars Program and Faculty College. The Council did discuss the possibilities of other roles OPID might play. In addition it was suggested that OPID should be forever advocating the value of enhancing teaching and student learning at a system level.

Next Steps. It was agreed that the Council as a body should write a charge to OPID. The plan is to have OPID’s current practicum student survey Council members about what are the roles OPID should play and come up with a summary document that could then go to a smaller sub group of the council which in turn would identify ten charges to OPID to present to senior administration.

The Council adjourned its Fall Meeting at 3:45 p.m.

--Submitted by Donna Silver


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