Pyle Center, Madison

September 27, 2002




Present:† Donna Anderson, Lucy Arendt, Diane Bywaters, Tony Ciccone, Bill Cerbin, Jane Ewens, Linda Freed, Gerald Greenfield, Fergus Hughes, Doug Johnson, John Koker, Greg Lampe, Sally Kent, Ton LoGuidice, Penny Lyter,† Ronald Mickel, Richard Omalley, Fariba Pendleton,† Lisa Riedle, Dan Riordan,† Virginian Sapiro, Antonia Schleicher, Tim Sewall, Nicolas Sloboda, John Stone,† Kay Taube, Greg Valde.


Absent: Linda Carpenter, Mitch Freymiller, Cathy Helgeland, Nan Jordahl, Marty Loy, John Murphy, M. Kayt Sunwood,


Staff: Lisa Kornetsky, Director; Donna Silver, Assistant Director; Holly Loomis, Program Assistant.


Guests: Cora B. Marrett, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; Ron Singer, Associate Vice President;† Maya Holtzman, ACSS



OPIDís Fall Meeting convened at 10:05 a.m. with a word of welcome from Doug Johnson, OPID Chair.† Doug then had members introduce themselves.† This year OPID welcomes Virginia Sapiro, Richard Omalley, John Koker, Fariba Pendleton and Lucy Arendt as new OPID Council members.


Lisa Kornetsky, OPID Director, updated the Council on the following issues/activities:


         Review of† OPID Calendar.† Lisa expressed concern over the budget and told Council members that she anticipates our programs will run as scheduled barring future budgetary cut backs. Given OPIDís current staffing situation, she asked for the Councilís patience as her staff tries to update its website in a timely fashion and plans to sent out its annual report by the end of October.


         OPID Staff Update.† Lisa reported on workload issues related to our dwindling OPID staffing.† The OPID staff will be relying on Council members for support in making OPID programs visible on their campuses as well as keeping their Provosts informed of the value of a system-wide professional and instructional development office.


         ACSS Strategic Directions. Lisa informed the Council of the restructuring of the Office of Academic and Student Services.† She mentioned how OPID activities fit within goals 4, 5 and 6 of the Strategic Directions.† One of OPIDís goals for this year is to further assess our programs to clearly demonstrate that fit.


         AAHE SoTL Leardership Site.† Tony Ciccone provided an overview to the leadership site planning.† He updated the Council about the System wide team that was invited by AAHE to attend its Summer Academy.† OPID and UW-Milwaukee have been working in similar directions over the past four years.† Since the Summer Academy they have been working collaboratively in preparing to apply to be an AAHE Leadership Site.† We are uniquely positioned in AHHEís eyes to take on this role as probably the only System that is made up of such diverse institutions, all of which are interested in promoting SoTL.† Since UW-Milwaukee was asked to apply for this status, the plan is to house the actual site on the Milwaukee campus; however, this would be a System wide program.† Lisa added that the next step is a series of visibility activities prior to applying for the grant so that there is support throughout the UW System.† She added that this endeavor builds upon the Senior Vice Presidentís desire for national recognition and leveraging resources.† Already there have been preliminary conversations about this initiative with the senior leadership and the Provosts.† Over the years, OPID has been focused on SoTL but with limited resources.† This collaborative project offers a way to work on sustaining and supporting institutional change in terms of faculty development and teaching and learning.† Recognition as a national leadership site will give us additional validity.† Lisa closed by saying the role of the OPID rep will be to figure out, along with others on their campus, how they can best support SoTL.† Looking ahead to an established Leadership Site, Tony envisioned it serving as a central clearing house, which would connect with what is already being down around the system in SoTL and serve to support and disseminate those SoTL projects.


         November 2nd Meeting.† In lieu of a Faculty Development Day, this meeting will bring together the last two classes of Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars, OPID reps and the AAHE Leadership Steering Committee to discuss strategies for making the SoTL initiative visible on the campuses with the aid of some OPID planning funds.


         Status of UTLG and System Grants.† Because of the budget constraints there was a freeze on all System grant monies for 2003-04.† The Senior Vice President would like to review all System Grants and create a new program that both consolidates System grants and uses System funds to leverage for external funding.† During this interim period OPID has been charged with providing a plan for 03-04 while System comes up with its new grant guidelines.† For one year only OPID has been given approval to use its grant funds to support the SoTL initiative.† Each campus will receive up to $1,000 to lay the groundwork for making SoTL visible on their campus to support a larger SoTL grant of† up to 17,000. The rfpís for both programs are currently being drafted.† The larger grant rfp will be available at the November 2nd meeting.†† Ron Singer, Associate Vice President, joined the meeting and announced how a planning group will be called together to explore how system grants might be consolidated, the goal being to pool resources while not loosing the particulars of past programs.† As sign-up sheet was passed asking for volunteers to serve on that committee.


         Campus Visits. †Lisa along with members of the Steering Committee will be visiting each of the campuses in the next two months.† Their goal is to present the SoTL initiative and to listen to what is already happening on each of the campuses.†



         Role of the OPID Rep. Proposal. †††This proposal came from OPIDís executive committee and helps to clarify the roles of the OPID reps.† The Council approved this proposal after Dougís presentation.


After a brief break the Council divided into groups to discuss SoTL/Campus Culture and then adjourned for lunch.


Cora B. Marrett, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Maya Holtzman from the Office of Academic and Student Services joined the Council Meeting after lunch.


The Council heard presentations form Tom LoGuidice, UW-Platteville and Dan Riordan, UW-Stout on their learning centers.† Both Tom and Dan gave an overview of how their Centers are structured and they types of programs they sponsor. Each distributed materials that showed how their Centers promote professional development and teaching and learning of their campuses.


The rest of the afternoon was devoted to Focus Table Discussions.† Each group was asked to report back to the larger group.


         The Role of Teaching and Learning Centers in the Peer Review of Teaching.† This group looked at issues related to summative reviews.† While little progress has been made in this area, there is a need for creating rubrics to help with this process.† This might well serve as a discussion topic for the Council next year.

         Changing the Reward Structure (exploring the reward structure as a barrier to change, balancing roles, faculty burn out and career movement). †Members of this group discussed rewards in conjunction with SoTL.†† They felt it was important for the Comprehensives that SoTL integrate scholarship with teaching

         New Faculty Development (from orientation, retention and beyond). OPID reps in this group created a list of concerns including:† successful orientation for new faculty can not occur with one program but should occur throughout the early years of their career, activities should focus not only on how to navigate through the university but also on teaching, and mentoring should be provided both from within the department and someone outside of the unit.

         Retention of Students: what is the relationship between campus retention efforts and faculty development?† Highlights from this discussion included: the importance for faculty know who their students are; and the need for making content engaging for students as well as the need for helping students feel that they are a part of a larger intellectual and social community.†

         Plans for defining the role of the OPID reps. This group was made up of newer reps. who were interested in learning more about the Council.† The discussion also focused on how reps can serve as advocates for teaching and learning issues on the campus.


In closing Lisa encouraged OPID reps to use the OPIDrep listserve so that the discussions started above could continue throughout the year.† She also asked for feedback about what topics the reps would like to see covered at future meetings.


The Council adjourned its Fall Meeting at 3:20 p.m.


--Submitted by Donna Silver



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