Office of Policy Analysis & Research


UW System Administration
Office of Policy Analysis and Research (OPAR)

Fee for Service

Beginning in Fall 2005, OPAR implemented a fee-for-service policy to fill requests for information.  Fees will be charged to fill requests for analyses that are outside the scope of the regular work of OPAR but which serve research and analysis needs within the mission of the UW System – thus, balancing public service with a wise use of resources. This will include research projects for UW System researchers and special requests for information from researchers and/or agencies.  (Note:  Requests for information under Wisconsin’s public records statute will be charged in accordance with the public records fee guidelines.)

The purpose of applying these fees is to assist in managing priorities and workload.  Annual collections are expected to be modest. 

OPAR will evaluate a request and determine how it fits into its scope and staff workload.  An estimate will be developed as to how much time the completion of the project would require and when the work could be incorporated into OPAR’s project schedule.  Some requests may be denied. 


An hourly rate will be charged, based on the maximum analyst salary, including fringe benefits and indirect costs.  The rate will be subject to change on a fiscal year basis. The hourly rate for fiscal year 2013-14 is $75.  Requesters will be charged for a minimum of 3 hours work.

Documents will be provided electronically; a per page fee will be charged for paper reports. 

Invoicing and Payment

An estimate of time needed to complete the work will be provided before the work starts.  The analyst will keep track of time invested in the project.  After the work is completed, the requester will be invoiced.  Payment will be due prior to delivery of the work.