Office of Policy Analysis & Research


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June 2011

University of Wisconsin System Undergraduate Transfer Students

April 2011

Investing in Wisconsin's Future - UW System's Growth Agenda Accountability Report, 2010-11

November 2010

UW System Alumni

May 2010

Transfer Students in the UW System 2008-09

October 2009

Growth Agenda - Educational Attainment

October 2009

Remedial Education in the UW System

January 2009

Making Opportunity Affordable

October 2008

Accountability in the UW System

August 2008

Wisconsin Employment Projections: Data Overview and Methodology
Presented by Victoria Udalova, WI Dept. of Workforce Development

December 2007

UW System Fall 2007 Enrollment Update

October 2006

Remedial Education in the UW System

February 2006

Proposal for a UW System Wisconsin Covenant Program

December 2005

Financial Aid and Tuition

March 2005

Review of Regent Policy on Tuition and Financial Aid

February 2004
(revised 11/04)

Partnership with the State: Financial Aid

December 2003 Access to the Baccalaureate Degree

December 2003

The State of Financial Aid in America
Presented by Dr. Joni Finney, Vice President of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

December 2003 Financial Aid Provided to UW Students

November 2003
(revised 11/04)

Access and Financial Aid Provided to UW Students

June 2003 Quality in the UW System

June 2003

Remedial Education in the UW System

May 2003
(revised 11/04)

Access to Higher Education in Wisconsin

April 2003 The Impact of a UW Education

April 2003

Long-run Effects of Post-secondary Education
Presented by Professor Robert M. Hauser, UW-Madison

May 2001 Access to the UW System: Follow-up

October 2000

Access to the UW System