Office of Policy Analysis & Research

CDR Liaisons/Institutional Researchers Meeting
Van Hise Hall, Room 1820
Thursday, October 30, 2008
10:00 - 2:30


1. Welcome/Introduction
2. Accountability
  a. UW System and Institutional
  b. VSA
3. Race/Ethnicity Changes
4. IPEDS Update
5. CDR Updates
  a. First Generation College Student
  b. High School Table Enhancements
  c. Other
    -- Current Data Issues
6. MAAD View
7. IAIS Cost Distribution
8. Curricular Data Reporting
9. Credits to Degree/Time to Degree Data
10. Collaborative Projects
  a. Transfer Equity Study
  b. Education Attainment
  c. Making Opportunity Affordable Project
  d. Climate Study Update
  e. Equity Scorecard Update
11. Round Robin
12. Other