Office of Policy Analysis & Research

CDR Liaisons/Institutional Researchers Meeting
Van Hise Hall, Room 1820
Tuesday, October 16, 2007
10:00 - 2:00


1. Welcome/Introduction
2. Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA)
    What challenges do you see in implementation of VSA at your campus?
3. UW System Strategic Framework Planning (Think Tanks)
4. Race/Ethnicity
  a. Campus reports – What issues have arisen in the campus implementation of the new race/ethnicity information?
  b. Resurveying Process – How and when should current Students be re-surveyed?
5. CDR Changes/Issues
  a. Potential New Data Elements – 1st Generation College Student. Others?
  b. CDR Guidelines
  c. Remedial Reporting and Verification
      What processes and procedures do campuses use to verify the CDR remediation needed and completed data? Are there best practices that can be shared?
  d. Campus Plans for PeopleSoft Upgrades and Implementations
      How will these plans impact the CDR? Will they affect subsidiary systems (Fin Aid, MAAD, TIS)?
6. Campus Round Robin – Updates on Current Campus Projects and Analyses
7. IPEDS Update
8. IAIS Update
9. Climate Study
10. Accountability Update
11. Other