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Central Data Request - Volume II

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Complementing Volume One of the Central Data Request (CDR) is the Code Book (CDR - Volume II). The code lists included herein represent but a subset of the total codes to be used in responding to the CDR - a subset defined by the criterion of extensiveness, i.e., these lists represent codes too extensive to be included with the corresponding data elements in Volume I of the CDR. Also considered in this process of segregation of codes was the point that it becomes inefficient to include extensive code lists applicable to data elements in more than one data area of the Data Element Dictionary in more than one location within the CDR.


Introduction & Table of Content

Code Tables

I. Curricular Area Codes

A. Overview
B. Number Sequence List
C. Crosswalk Tables

II. Organizational Codes

III. Degree Table

IV. Major Codes

V. College Code Table

VI. High School Code Tables

  • By High School Name
  • By High School Code
  • By City Name

VII. Address Codes

A. By Name
B. By Code