Learn@UW Executive Committee


Provide vision, strategic direction and oversight for instructional applications and tools that support teaching and learning across the UW System. Specific responsibilities include planning, budgeting, advocating, fostering collaboration, and resolving differences in priorities.


The D2L Steering Committee met July 28 and 29, 2009 at which time we reviewed the original charge of the committee and its composition.  The committee was originally formed in 2003 to oversee the transition from WebCT and BlackBoard to D2L.  Clearly that particular function is no longer needed; however overseeing the instructional technology trends and tools related to the Learning Management System that support teaching and learning across UW System need to continue.  A new committee was formed with the endorsement of Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Rebecca Martin.  To be consistent with how other technology oversight committees are named, we recommended changing name to Learn@UW Executive Committee.  This also is consistent with overseeing not just online education, but all technologies that support instruction..


The committee is made up of two types of members, those based on their specific job and those appointed to represent specific groups. Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs appoints or appointed committee members who represent specific groups with a three year term and no term limit. 

Members based on job responsibilities:

  • UW System CIO (Sasi Pillay)
  • UWS Director of Learning Technology Development (Lorna Wong)
  • Learn@UW Sponsor (Linda Jorn)

Members representing specific groups:

  • UW System Academic Affairs
  • 2 CIOs
  • 1 Representative from LTDC
  • 1 Provost
  • 1 Provost or Provost’s office
  • 2 Deans
  • 2 Faculty members
  • 1 Undesignated (to allow filling a specific need)

Structure and Relationship

The Chair is selected by UW System Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs from members of the committee.  Subcommittees may be formed as needed by the Senior Vice President or the committee. The Committee reports to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs with a dotted line relationship to the UW System CIO.  Decisions or outcomes should be presented to the Senior Vice President and the System CIO for consideration.  In most cases, consultation might occur with both the Provosts' group and the CIO Council.  At the conclusion of this process, the Senior Vice President would ratify or return the proposed decision for further exploration.  Communication will be to the Senior Vice President, System CIO, Provosts and CIOs.