Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

Summary of Accomplishments - 2007-2010

Developed a committee structure to conduct the work of the council   Yes            
Executive Yes              
Communication Yes Yes            
F2F Meeting Planning Yes Yes            
Mobile Technology Yes       Yes      
Curricular Redesign Grants
2007-2008 - 4 awards
2008-2009 - 3 awards
2010-2011 - 7 awards
Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Yes  
Emerging Technology Grants
2007-2008 - 3 awards
2009-2010 - 9 awards
Yes   Yes   Yes      
Professional Development Grants Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Dissemination of information via: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes     Yes
LTDC Web Site (http:// www.uwsa.edu /olit /ltdc)                
LTDC Online News (http:// blogs.uww.edu /ltdc)                
LTDC Wiki (http:// wiki.uww.edu /other /ltdc)                
LTDC ePedagogy on YouTube (http:// www.uwsa.edu /olit /ltdc /epedagogy)                
Managing/conducting pilot programs                
Elluminate Yes   Yes          
ePortfolio Yes   Yes          
Supporting Technology based conferences                
President's Summit - April 2010 Yes Yes   Yes     Yes Yes
LTDC Conference - October 2009 Yes   Yes Yes     Yes Yes
Digital Storytelling Workshop - November 2008 Yes   Yes         Yes
SecondLife Conference - June 2010                
Quality Matters promotion, support, implementaiton and training Yes   Yes          
SecondLife promotion, support, implementation and training Yes   Yes Yes     Yes  
Development of Hybrid & Online Resources Site  Yes   Yes Yes     Yes Yes
UW System eLearning Activities               Yes
e-Learning WOrk Group ("elwg") 2009                
elwg LOR Task Force                
elwg Life Cycle Task Force                
elwg eLearning Provisioning Model Task Force                
Learn@UW Executive Committee                
National eLearning Activties                
SLOAN [UWM]                
New Media Consortium ("NMC") [Tonya Joosten]                
Fyre Fellow [Jim Jorstad]                
EDUCAUSE Ryland Scholarship [Lorna Wong, Pat Fellows, Mary-Alice Muraski]                
Director of LTDC                
Attends academic affairs meetings   Yes            
Communicates with the Director of OID   Yes            
Relays programs/grants offered by OPID   Yes            
Invites Director of OPID to present at LTDC f2f   Yes            
Reviews technology related grant proposals   Yes            
Makes regular campus visits   Yes            
Gives reports at CIO meetings   Yes            
Items that cross w/ D2L Site Admins                
"Hot Team" utilization Yes       Yes     Yes
Regular presentations at D2L/Fusion conferences Yes   Yes Yes       Yes
Communication of LTDC activities to Learn@UW Executive Comminttee Yes Yes           Yes

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