Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

Learning Technology Development Council

LTDC Meeting. August 20, 2007


  • Jim Jorstad – La Crosse
  • Rich Berg – Instructional Communications Systems
  • Carole Turner - Madison
  • Margy Ingram - Stout
  • Penny Ralston-Berg – Learning Innovations
  • Andy Speth – Green Bay
  • Bob Kaleta - Milwaukee
  • AnnMarie Johnson - Oshkosh
  • Karen Ryan - River falls
  • Lorna Wong - Whitewater
  • Alan Foley - OLIT
  • Shirley Hensh – Colleges
  • Mary Mielke – Stevens Point
  • Donna Raleigh – Eau Claire
  • Cheryl Diermyer – Madison
  • Ron Cramer - Madison


  1. Fall Conference
  2. Emergency Technology Grant
  3. Communications Committee

1) Fall Conference

DAY 1 – Start at 9:00. The day will consist of Podcasting, Quality Matters, and

the curricular redesign grant….get information out earlier.

12:00 – 1:00 Planning Committee to continue the podcasting discussion

1:00 – 2:00 Wrap up with podcasting (what did we learn? What matters?)

2:00 – 4:00 Quality Matters

4:00 – 5:00 Additional Business

DAY 2 – Begin at 8:30, adjourn at Noon.

general business. Email campus reports prior to the meeting.

Who’s attending? There is room for 32 – 34 people.

History of the Podcasting session – every campus seems to be doing something with podcasting. We should do what ever we can to share what we are doing on other campuses and what is working on other campuses. The intend is that we understand what is going on on other campuses and learn from other campuses. How are faculty using podcasting on your campuses? What’s working? What has not worked? What are the lessons learned? What kinds of tools are campuses using?

We can’t do a lot of faculty demo’s due to time constraints. When can bring in one or two faculty to demo and/or discussion what they did, how they use it, what was the out come, how did it further learning, would you do it again?

We need to frame this around some context.

ACTION - Fill out the campus survey on use of podcasting on your campus. Jim will send the link out to LTDC members. The survey is intended to be taken by LTDC members, it is not intended for faculty or students. There is concern about bringing faculty due to logistics and time constraints. To plan better respond to the survey by the end of this week.

* Include an option for us to bring in a faculty voice via a prerecorded technology.

The Podcasting planning committee will make some recommendations based on the survey, then send recommendations to the LTDC planning committee and share with the LTDC members.

* Confirmations for rooms at the County Inn Suites must be done by September 10.

2) Emergency technology grant – Alan Foley - Applications can come in at any time. The money must be spent by the end of the fiscal year; something to keep in mind is If proposals come in towards the later part of the year it may be more difficult to spend the funds.

The provost needs to be made aware of the grant opportunity. Leave it up to each campus to notify the provost office.

3) Communications CommitteeHow do we explain to the world what LTDE does, what are our success stories?

Carole Turner, Penny Ralston-Berg and Karen Ryan volunteer to be a part of the committee with Jim Jorstead.

LTDC Blog is under utilized. Could we tie this to Dorothea Osalo (Madison) to present on Minds@UW?

* Campus notes by: UW-Madison

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