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LTDC Monthly July 16, 2007 | Learning Technology Development Council

LTDC Monthly Teleconference

Minutes from July 16, 2007
Present: Rich Berg, Cheryl Diermyer, Alan Foley, Pat Fellows, Shirley Hensch, AnnMarie Johnson, Jim Jorstad, Bob Kaleta, Lisa Larson, Mary Mielke, Donna Raleigh, Penny Ralston Berg, Karen Ryan, Andy Speth , Lorna Wong

  • Thanks: Jim thanked Donna for her leadership during the last year and Andy for the by-laws and small grants project
  • D2L faculty training: Jim reminded everyone to send Lisa Larson their information on who does the D2L faculty training . Lisa will compile the results and share with everyone.
  • LTDC web site:  Alan commented that the LTDC web site is static right now, and that it’s hard to make changes to it. It does connect to the LTDC blog at UW-Whitewater; news  and announcements can be updated through the blog which does feed the system page. A few more people are needed to post to the blog. This ability to post to the blog could be a rotating responsibility and then use we could maintain the UW-SA site for things that only need periodic updates. The blog could be archived also. Email Alan if you want access to the blog. Jim suggested moving the blog link on the web site to the top of the page. Alan agreed. Also, the meeting notes need updating. Alan is proposing that there be an adhoc group of people who would work on this. Jim suggested that the adhoc group could be one facet of our communications plan.

    Alan also proposed that we recruit some people to be reviewers or editors to place content in Minds@UW which has the advantage of being searchable. We could put grant info, info about projects, lists of resources, etc., in there and could also tie it to the web site.. Alan will send us the connect info for Minds@UW: http://minds.wisconsin.edu/handle/1793/7566.
  • Minutes process: notetaker sends out minutes, everyone reads and updates, then notetaker sends final version to Alan Foley.
  • Podcasting workshop: Amy Mangrich, Tonya Joosten from Milwaukee (Amy and Tonya are willing to lead); Ron Kramer, Carole Turner, Jan Cheatam from Madison; Jim Jorstad from LaCross; and Mary Mielke and Patricia Ploetz from Stevens Point are planning the podcasting workshop.  It may/will consist of three parts:
  • What are faculty doing? An overview of podcasting, uses, examples, testimonies from faculty
  • How is it happening? How are campuses approaching podcasting?
  • What do students think? Student use, access, and satisfaction.

Admin staff and funding?? Alan has no staff but is willing to discuss budget.
Ron Kramer has a wiki site for the group. He is currently inviting and giving access to the planning group members.
If other LTDC reps are interested in participating they may contact Ron through his wiki.

  • Conference update: Lodging reservations need to be in by 9/10. Karen has reserved a video conference room on the 11th. She will assemble a list of restaurants as well. Will send directions later, but will resend the hotel list now. Alan and Karen will work out the budget. On the 11th—9:30 a.m. is a possible starting time.
  • Educause Learning Technology Leadership Conference—Lorna—Pat, Lorna, Donna , and Andrea Deau from Wiscnet attended. It proved to be an excellent immersion in leadership for the participants most of whom were Learning Technology folks like us. Topics covered included how to communicate effectively with campus leaders, how to lead from who you are, and strategic, problem solving project in a time-sensitive, intense group experience. Lorna encourages others to attend next year.  It’s an annual program, and it will be in Madison again next year. Very well run and well coordinated. Kathy Christoph is one of the leaders.
  • Educause Seattle Conference: Jim Jorstad, Pat Fellows, Lorna Wong, Alan Foley will attend; Bob Kaleta may also attend.
  • Fry Institute: Alan was a Frye Institute Fellow this summer, June 3-14. He developed many contacts with people in similar positions and has now some really good tools for working with the larger projects we have coming up. Topics included understanding finance and seeing the big picture. Alan recommends the experience. You would need to be nominated for the  competitive selection process. Jim was there in 2005 so contact either Jim or Alan for more details.
  • New Executive Council officers: Will be electing two new officers in the next week or so, a president-elect and a secretary. Will report back when these positions are filled.
  • Basic goals for this year:
    1. Develop a communications plan for our group.
    2. Implement the small grant project
    3. Podcasting seminar in October.
    4. CRG proposals out by Thanksgiving.
  • Roundtable

UW-Eau Claire—Ms. Cindy Albert has been hired as an instructional designer to fill the vacancy left when Jessica moved to the College of Business. Cindy bring 20 years of teaching experience, coaching experience,  and formal diversity training to this position.
UW-Milwaukee—will be able to hire for Sloan grant work soon.
UW-LaCrosse—their producer is moving to UW-Oshkosh so they have an opening for Sr. Multi-Media producer
UW-River Falls—is hosting a meeting for the First Year Experience CRG grant participants. Lorna and Lisa will be there too.
UW-Whitewater—is still looking for a DE Coordinator at the Program Manager 2 level.
UW-Superior—hired a new Director of their Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning—Maria Kuzo (sp?)—started July 1. Leif, who provided D2L support, left for Green Bay. They are planning a grand opening of their center for August.
UW-Colleges—has a new CIO, Marsha Henfer; Pat is still soaking up everything she learned last week.
UW-Oshkosh—has a new Multi-Media Producer
UW-Stevens Point—working on clickers-waiting for new Turning Point models to arrive, Was advised to run any contracts by system legal before signing. Can contact Tonya at UW-Milwaukee to learn more about ratio of clickers purchased to free classroom units.

Meeting ended at 3 p.m. Good job on your first meeting, Jim!!

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Raleigh, Secretary for the meeting

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