Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

LTDC Teleconference, February 19, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

Attendance:  Jim Jorstad, Andy Speth, Bob Kaleta, Molly Immendorf, Rich Berg, Cheryl Diermyer, Lisa Linfield., Pat Fellows, Margie Ingram, Donna Raleigh, Alan Foley, Lorna Wong, Lisa Larson, and Karen Ryan

1.  Lesson Study Team - UW-Extension, as part of their Scholarship of Teaching and Learning project is doing lesson studies on specific units in courses.  Molly is planning to propose a Lesson Study Team be created to look at a lesson on Teaching Advanced Excel Techniques Online (Using Excel as a Database) - this course is taught by Lisa Linfield.  Molly is looking for others who teach Excel to join the team for this Lesson Study.  There is a small stipend for this project.  Interested folks can contact Molly Immendorf or Lisa Linfield (lisa.linfield@ces.uwex.edu) 

2.  On March 12 Linda Carpenter (Eau Claire) will be presenting via WisLine Web - "Doing SOTL".  Molly will be sending out more information soon.

3.  Finalizing the Green Lake Agenda - April 23 and 24

General Session - Morning of April 23 (tentatively)

a.  LTDC will have approximately 30 minutes to present what the LTDC has done and is doing. We'll also present a bit about learning space design, best practices, and curricular redesign projects. Other ideas?

b.  Send digital pictures of learning space design to Jim if you have any.

Monday Breakout - Afternoon of April 23

a.  Carole Turner making arrangements with Peter Gorman to talk about General Library system. 

b.  Penny Ralston-Berg will be demonstrating a project that is part of "Doing SOTL".

c.  Bob will report on his Grant from Sloan

d.  Roundtable - Write up your reports to share with others

Tuesday Breakout - Morning of April 24

a.  Best tips and practices of helping faculty put courses online.
Shirley Hensch on Tuesday

b.  Business Meeting

i.   Update from Alan

ii.   Vote on Strategic Plan

iii.   Small Grants Project

4.  Curricular Redesign -

a.  What do we say to folks who are not ready to take a project beyond their campus?  Tell them they need to collaborate as it is a key component of the grant. LTDC reps can assist faculty in finding someone to collaborate with from other institutions. 

b.  Alan mentioned that the RFP only went to the LTDC reps. list.  Please distribute to your Provost and Grants office, in addition to the faculty.

c.  If any faculty members have questions about the grant, they can contact Alan. 

d.  Lorna Wong asked about pushing the deadline back.  For now it will stay as is, as we get closer to the deadline, we can reconsider if not many proposals have been submitted.

5.  Office 2007 roll-out - what is everyone doing?

a.  Colleges - creating training plan now -

b.  Eau Claire - doing their training now - some short sessions on what's new, others are longer hands on..

c.  Madison - doing something very similar to what Eau Claire is doing, including brownbags.

6.  LaCrosse wants to learn more about how campuses are using Content Management Systems

a.  Eau Claire is going Common Spot

b.  Stout - Using Paper Thin - moving forward

7.  Roundtable

a.  UW Colleges  - Outlook Training, Podcasting Grant, and New Accelerated Hybrid Courses.  Also beginning collaboration with UWEX instructional designers/technologists/trainers.

b.  UWEX - nothing to report other than agenda items 1 & 2.

c.  UW Green Bay - visited UW Milwaukee last week.  Lots of little things that are not done yet.

d.  UW River Falls - nothing to report

e.  UW LaCrosse - Math Institute to create learning projects.  Local news did story on the project.  Might be opening up to other UW campuses

f.  UW Madison - Consultants real busy with Engage Project - 20 faculty working on games and simulations, 50 who are working on Podcasting and, 7 working on Clickers Grants.  Several collaboration projects looking ahead to what is coming two to three years down the road.

g.  UW Stout - Moving offices around because they are integrating with communications and network staff.  There has been lots of talk about cross-training people to better handle crunch times.

h.  UW Superior - Hiring a new CIO.  Mary Schafer.  Looking at how to better handle training needs.

i.  UW Whitewater - Recruiting for two positions, LTDC and DE/Classroom Technology.  Working with faculty on grants.

j.  UW System - Curricular Redesign

k.  UW Eau Claire - Assessment of budgets to get some base budget monies and not live on Provost carry-over. Proposal going in this afternoon!  :!)

8.  LTDC website - can we update it so it is more current?  Post the minutes to the site?  Send any links to Alan for different projects you have going and he will add them to the site. Alan will also post the minutes.

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