Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

Notes from the LTDC meeting, December 18, 2006

Attending: UW-Eau Claire (Donna), UW-Extension (Rosemary), UW-LaCrosse (Jim), UW-Madison (Carole, Cheryl), UW-Milwaukee (Bob), UW-River Falls (Karen), UW-Stout (Margy), UW-Superior (Lisa), UW-Whitewater (Lorna).

  1. National Center for Academic Transformation Update-Alan is still checking on this. OPID is also interested so there is the possibility for collaborations. Two people from UW-Eau Claire will attend the Redesign Alliance Conference in March.
  2. CRG RFP Status and Updates-only minor updates have been made the CRG RFP for this year. The Executive Committee will have a phone conference this week with Alan to finalize the proposal.
  3. BB/D2L update-no one has heard anything further on the patent and the suit.
  4. Curricular redesign funds that come to the campuses-a substantial discussion occurred on the accountability of the campuses for the curricular redesign funds that get distributed from UW-System. On some campuses these fund positions; on other campuses the LTDC reps cannot trace the funds at all nor do they have any input into how the funds are used. Some representatives there being two pots of money that come to the campuses: one that goes to the CIOs and another to fund a LTDC position. The last CIO survey was completed in 1999; campus leadership around the state has changed since then. During these times when the Wisconsin legislature is requiring accountability for many things, it would be a good idea for UW-System to inquire of the CIOs or the Provosts on how the curricular redesign dollars are being used.
    To do: The Executive Committee will discuss this with Alan yet this week if possible.
  5. Digital collections and Minds @ UW-Carole mentioned that Peter Gorman would like to share with us the work that has been done regarding digital collections and Minds @ UW. We agreed that it would be a good idea to add a presentation by Peter to our agenda for the face-to-face meeting in Green Lake.
    To do: Carole will talk with Peter and have him set aside the date.
  6. Other possible agenda items for the F2F meeting-we may want Hal Schlais to talk about the Learning Objects Repository and also to hear more about the Academic Co-Lab and its work.
  7. Training needs-Margy asked what we would want for training, especially as it related to D2L. We concluded that after the February training, we would have training be an agenda item and that if we decide that training is needed we will suggest the topic and possible presenters. Then, the training committee will plan the program. Lisa also mentioned the need for additional training materials.
    To do: Add training needs as an agenda item to our monthly meetings.
  8. Campus Roundtable--
    UW-Eau Claire-participated in qualitative software training on Atlas.ti
    UW-Extension-Rosemary and Rich are working on a book, co-teaching a course for the DE Certificate, and doing a lot of training. They have also been accepted to present at the upcoming Training Conference.
    UW-LaCrosse-Jim participated in the Digital Commons meeting (along with Lisa), The Dyknow and ICOP projects are proceeding nicely. Jim is involved in creating a documentary on the impact of donations on the LaCrosse campus as well as with a building design project.
    UW-Madison-Cheryl is actively engaged in the Roadmap project; she is evaluating the usage of communication tools (email, blogs, wikis, etc.) and will then develop a vision statement on the use of these tools for the next few years. She is also developing a white paper on wikis.
    UW-Milwaukee-the Hybrid/Blended Course web site has been revised. Also, Bob is happy to announce that UW-Milwaukee is the recipient of a $0.5 million Sloan Foundation grant. The funding will be used to move 9 degree and certificate programs to a "hybrid" venue. This may involve hybrid courses, fully on-line courses, and f2f courses. The idea is to attract non-traditional students in an urban area to these programs.
    UW-River Falls-UW-River Falls is in the midst of a strategic planning process and an IT reorganization. Also, their new University Center will open in January. Karen is willing to host an LTDC face-to-face meeting. (We will not forget that offer, Karen!!)
    UW-Stout-their IT area is also revamping under their new CIO. It appears that more collaboration will take place. Stout is also converting to PeopleSoft. They have recently joined the New Media Consortium.
    UW-Superior-Lisa reported that they are trying a faculty proposal system whereby faculty receive the services of their new instructional designer, Tom. Faculty propose a course redesign or course conversion to online. Also, Lisa sponsored a panel discussion on laptop use which garnered lots of interest.
    UW-Whitewater-Lorna is involved with two search and screen committees right now. Also, she is supporting the podcasting and ICOP grants on her campus.

Great meeting, everyone!!


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