Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

LTDC Monthly Meeting, November 20, 2006


Synchronous Tool Study - Alan, Rosemary

A charge and mission for the group has been developed and sent out. Alas suggests that we use the LTDC as the core of this group and bring in others as needed. Alan will ask the people who have been working on this to continue. Rick Berg from UW-Ext has drafted a features document. Bob Kaleta recommended that we look at what is needed now but also to focus on growing needs and interests, for example, the growing needs for language courses. We are looking at more than what Blackboard had 4-5 years ago but to see this more a forecast

To do: Drop Alan a note if there is someone on our campuses who would be good to be a part of this team. Rich Berg will chair the group; Pat Fellows will also participate.

Report on the strategic plan - Donna

Donna is working on the strategic planning document. She has drafted an introduction and a vision. She is now flushing out the narrative for the strategic objectives. She hopes to have a draft completed for discussion during the December phone call.

Curricular Redesign Grant RFP

The CRG RFP must go out fairly soon.

To do: Alan will send the current Curricular Redesign Grant RFP to the Executive Committee members who will suggest revisions for it.

National Center for Academic Transformation - Bob Kaleta

Carole Twigg and her group have been involved in the significant redesign of large enrollment courses using technology to reduce costs and improve learning. Institutions have received money to redesign courses. Carole Twigg is now putting together the NCAT Redesign Alliance, there is an opportunity to join. Membership information can be found at http://www.thencat.org/RedesignAlliance/Call.htm Bob thinks there may be some interesting opportunities here and is wondering if this is something we want to pursue at a System level. Kathy Christoph and Carole Turner have been talking about this at UW-Madison and are interested but have not yet acted on it. Learning materials, learning spaces, and underserved students are part of this broad initiative. UW-Stout is interested in sending teams to the Alliance's March conference but feel that the $5,000 institutional membership fee is too great for them at this time. Alan suggests that the people who attend the March conference bring back information to this group.

To do: Alan will get information on System membership.

Campus Updates

UW-Eau Claire has chosen i-Clicker as its SRS.

ICS-Media Site is enhancing its services, and ICS is looking for ways to use video conferencing with it. ExtendLMS seat usage is being examined right now. Still have plenty of licenses for those who want to use Presenter. ICS does NOT want instructors making their own meetings. Want instructors to use the space set up for them.

UWW is drafting an approval process for placing courses on-line. Lorna is seeking information from other campuses who may have done this. One question raised is class size. Other campuses shared what they are doing in this area.


UW-Superior-Lisa explained the development of their new center.

UW-Stevens Point-Mary asked if anyone is participating in the Horizon Wimba project sponsored by the Collaborative Language Program. UW-SP students are having trouble accessing it. Lorna has students using this.

To do: Everyone will have a great Thanksgiving!

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