Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

LTDC Oct 19-20 2006 Meeting (LaCrosse)

Thursday October 19-2006

Alan Updates 

·  Budget - Alan has not been asked to submit decreases to the 07 fiscal year budget Rumors indicate the possibility of cuts to the fiscal year 08 budget.

·  Re-design Grants - Alan will be providing grant summary details to the group.  For an array of reasons the goal to have everything up has not happened. This year there was a good award balance between content and schools.  RFP revisions, strategic plan, a general review of Grant process, results and issues are items for consideration.  The lack of a System IT plan review for the past 3-4 years has contributed to the issues of the LTDC Grant Plan.

·  D2L - patent issues nothing more to report than what is already known.  Realistically we will be with D2L for 3-4 years because of cost, effort and faculty buy-in. Other options are not readily available. The summer hardware upgrade had many issues but ended successfully with the efforts of Learn@UW.

·  Breeze Meeting Services is now ExtendLMS with 500 meeting user licenses for an annual maintenance fee of $6,000.  There is an effort to evaluate the actual licenses in use.  Alan reminded us that the Breeze originally came from D2L not having a whiteboard and that D2L's LiveRoom has an additional charges of $50,000. Discussion moved to what is needed by the faculty for a synchronous and or collaborative tool with Alan, Rosemary and Rich being charged to organize a task force to determine needs.

LTDC Business (Thurs noon-2pm)

            LTDC Executive Board

                        Jim Jorstad was elected to fill the vacant seat on the Executive Board. Ex                                      Board members 2006-2007:

                              Donna Raleigh            Chair               term - 2yrs

                              Jim Jorstad                  Chair-elect       term - 3yrs

                              Pat Eaton                                            term - 2yrs

                              Lisa Larson                                         term - 1yr

                              Andy Speth                                         term - 1 yr

                  Note taking at the monthly LTDC calls will rotate between campuses                                 starting with Whitewater for the November conference call.

      Working session - Strategic Plan

                  Areas of consideration:

                              What is it we do?

                              What is it we want to do?

                              What is it we should do?

                  Notes were added to the draft document for Donna's editing.

Julie Little - Connecting with Teaching & Technology Presentation

            ELI (Educause Learning Initiative) (Thurs. 2-2:45pm)

Gardner Campbell - Effective Strategies in Podcasting Presentation

            (Thurs. 3:15-4pm)

LTDC Business (Thurs. 4-5pm)

            Campus Updates

Friday October 20-2006


Continued work on the LTDC Strategic Plan


DYKnow Demonstration with Frank Gilbert and Michael Vasey


Conference concluded



Alan, Rosemary, Rich will work together to organize a task force to assess what the faculty require for a synchronous collaborative tool.  Goal is for our November call to kick-off this investigation. 


Alan volunteered to speak with Ed Meachen concerning the 75% of the LTDC budget that is passed through to the campuses.  Need to revisit the mandate of the original LTDC charter for how monies are distributed.

Charge to the Ex Committee to finalize the draft strategic plan to be presented to the group by December meeting.  

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