Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

LTDC meeting – October 26, 2005

Rochester Institute of Technology Library/D2L Integration project

- Challenges included duplicating Prometheus features in D2L - separate reserve module, online requests for e-reserves, widget-like generic library info in every course, administrative training.

- Using a navigation bar solution within courses, not on MyHome page, not a widget solution

- myLibrary Link - sits outside of D2L, controlled by library

- Content Types

- Course specific - reserve material

- College or Program specific, contact info, database lists

- Content common to all courses colleges and programs

- Technical side - Open URL link using Cold Fusion and Windows Internet Information Server.  Can be done in PHP or ASP, or other middleware

- Logic resides in cold fusion pages - not a database driven application

- Took about 70 hours of programming and a few meetings with the library staff

- Uses SQL script to pull reserve items

- Use HTML fragment files for the tabs in the College/Program specific pages

- Make link global across all course shells

- Link to web pages listing resources by discipline, not to the resources themselves

- myLibrary is getting 300 hits per week

- Future Developments

- Bibliographers develop new web pages to support more programs.

- May develop into database driven application

- Integrate with other courseware packages

- Electronic Resource Management implementation

- Move library website to CMS

- URL Encoded versions of variables

This was presented at the D2L conference and the conference presentation is available on the D2L Conference site.

Need to do more work on the application to make it more accessible.

A second login is required when a student goes to the e-reserves.

Link to the archive of this presentation will be available from Paul Moriarty.

Faculty want direct links to content in e-reserves.

·  UW Madison Course Pages - database driven system

·  Faculty request course pages if they have a lot of e-reserves or they need other library resource

·  Working on linking these pages into the Portal at UW Madison and into D2L

What would the faculty think of all this?

            How much work is in it for me?  Librarians will ask this too.

            Librarians meeting soon to discuss the idea of customized course pages.

            Faculty like control over content, and in the order it is listed in the content                                     area.  They would really want to pick and choose library items.

Business Meeting

The changing nature of (Learning) Technology

            BB acquires WebCT

            Open Source - LMS?

            Changes in D2L?

LTDC Update -

            Bylaws - Alan will post on LTDC website

            TTT - go live date - coming soon!

            Blog/website - http://blogs.uww.edu/other/ltdc/   Alan will run his e-mails to                       the LTDC list and the blog in parallel for a while, then rely on the                                   blog

            MERLOT - UWSA will continue to participate in MERLOT

Curricular Redesign & Budget

            5% direct cut to CR

            Streaming Media Services - UWS subsidizes $25K/year

            TTT Support

            D2L Admin Support for face-to-face meetings

            RFP for CRGs to go out ASAP - try to be more focused in how money is                           used and support projects that will serve the whole system..

Streaming Media Services -

            15 GB/campus

            Remote access to servers - WebDAV

            Technical Support

            Servcie Documentation

            Consulting/content production, capturing, encoding

            Streaming@UW Web Site   http://streaming.wisconsin.edu

D2L/Learn@UW -

            New UWS Coordinator/Lead - Alan Foley

            Training Subcommittee Update - Please fill out the survey if you haven't,                                     we're looking to create documentation on significant changes in the                      new version of D2L early, there will be a  place on the utility website              for us to share documentation.  LTDC folks are invited to the Site                                  Admin meeting in Eau Claire on November 7.

            Synchronous Tools Task Force - Meeting on November 4 to come to a                              decision and get a process started to get things in place by early                                  next semester.

            Learning Object Repository - Alan will be pulling a group together to look                                     into this

            Contract timeline - We are in the middle of the contract with D2L come                             January.   We'll be assessing how things are going with D2L.

            Process for requesting projects/small work - For D2L projects - RSS..

Online Learning in Wisconsin - Trends

            Growth over the past two years in courses and enrollment is significant

            What are some of the trends and usages you are seeing among faculty                             using D2L.  We need to figure out what the performance issues are                                   and then move forward to recruit more faculty.

Elections & Other Business -

            Andy Speth - 1 year

            Jim Jorstad - 1 year

            Lisa Larson - 2 years

            Bob Kaleta - rotating off

            Lorna Wong - rotating off - but is ex-officio next year

Nominate -

            Donna Raleigh - Eau Claire

            Pat Eaton - Parkside

Motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Donna and Pat by Margy.  Second by Lisa Larson.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Best Practices for supporting use of digital libraries - Alan Wolf

Flickr - photo sharing site open to the world.

            Features that are nice:  upload, protect and archive.  You can tag photos.              Your photos are copyrighted, but you could also apply Creative Commons     to your photos. 

Alan is working on an NSF grant to gather information from STEM faculty re. use of digital libraries.

Faculty are not book marking things as much any more.

Google is search engine of choice.

Peer review is often dependent upon the similarity of styles of the reviewer and instructor.

Images, video, animations, simulations, examples, and real world data are most often searched for.

Syllabi and other course materials are often searched for.

What is a digital library?

They are looking for more faculty interested in digital libraries, and will ask for e-mail addresses.

For faculty in the process of redesign learning about digital libraries could be very valuable.

Tomorrow's Professor - newsletter put out by faculty member from Stanford.

Madison has a three D printer to create 3D structures.   $8 per cubic inch.  Ideas??  Contact Alan Wolf if you have ideas of things you want to create in 3 D.

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