Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

LTDC Conference Call Meeting Notes, August 21, 2006

Attendees: Andy, Rosemary, Pat F, Alan, Tony, Pat E, Margy, Lisa, Bob, Margy

GIS software - Margy inquired who at Stout has access -   Hal S. has the names of each campus software owner.

Breeze - ready to send out info on new service today or tomorrow will go to LTDC and site-admin lists.  Two separate license: Breeze presenter and Breeze meeting.  Presenter licenses are already used up, anyone already using Presenter will be allowed to continue using it

Bob suggested that maybe a group needs to evaluate asynchronous tools ("Voice over PowerPoint"); Alan indicated he would bring this to the group already looking at these tools.


Planning - (Donna's Draft) Bob K - approval for going forward with the strategic planning. 

Additions to draft document - Focus is on sys and rep levels (Donna).  (Alan ) - no sys IT plan. (Donna) defining our own future and that of the LTDC is strategic. Donna will add her focus explanation to the Strategic Plan document. 

SWOT:  Items for internal use only

Strengths:  excellent individuals working together - quality of people

            Good flow of information to Faculty - communication

            Sharing between campuses

            Common goal

            Try out and apply new technologies


Weakness:  Duplication of efforts (development of training materials for D2L) Item is geared more towards an awareness not to duplicate.  Minimize duplication of efforts. 

            Disparity among campuses in staffing

Opportunities:  Pursue other means of external funding - (Federal Grants, Foundation)

            There is an opportunity to use the Executive Committee more, but a threat if the committee is used too much.

            Marketing - Make our case and show that we are doing well

Threats - more with less.  Increase in workload more and more faculty using established technologies at the same time newer technologies being used by faculty - an awareness of trend.

 Values: Better leverage - reword

            Increase interest in collaboration

            LTDC members share a passion for enhancing student learning.

Why are we here?  Educause article: (value disciplines) operational excellence (keeping things the same, reliable, customer intimacy (individual contact), supporting of emerging technology products.

Help faculty effectively use technology.

Integrate the technology into there courses.

Improve Teaching and Learning.

What is it we do?

            Start - Each LTDC member to send a list of what they do.

            What does the Sys group do?

Fall - LaCrosse

Alan to send out some notes on LaCrosse fall meeting.

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