Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

LTDC Minutes – April 11, 2005


Campus Reports

  • UW Milwaukee - Curricular redesign funds - originally put computers on faculty desktops.  New staff member - Tanya Joosten.  Carla Garnham has retired.  Jerry Berktrom a science faculty member has been hired to work in the LTDC.  He is interested in student response systems among other things.   Planning their move to Learn@UW to take place this summer, to go live in the fall.  Still very involved in the hybrid project.   Doing a workshop in IL for IL junior colleges.  They will also be involved in the Sloan C Hybrid Workshop next week.  Milwaukee has a new Chancellor and several new administrators. 

  • UW Oshkosh - Curricular redesign pays for AnnMarie's and webmaster's salary, hardware, software, keyserver, travel for AnnMarie, and a student web group.  Nick has been working with student response systems on campus.  Pilot project with e-portfolios, and will be using CSO next year.  They are using a product to put student resumes online that was created by CSO as well. 

  • UW Madison - Curricular redesign - pays for two positions and they run a small grant program called "Adaptation Awards" in amounts of $500-750.  Now have about 600 courses in Learn@UW.  Upcoming workshops - audio/video, presentation and web development series.  E-Pedagogy sessions - done online using BreezeLive.    In May, Madison will host a Teaching and Learning Symposium.  Net Generation website created by a UW student.   Engage Tools - ConceptTutors - Glossary on steroids and QuizImages.  These tools are free to download.  Kathy Konicek also handed out a handout about what is coming up in the future.  Madison markets events on the campus calendar, e-mail blasts, Community of Educational Technology Support - all the Learn@UW technology support folks from different colleges and divisions get together to share ideas.

  • UW-LaCrosse - Curricular redesign - $100,000.  A classroom support specialist, and parts of other support staff are funded with CR funds.  $24,000 for supplies, $10,000 for Tablet PC's.  Jim is running training and working with faculty to create special projects with the tablet PC's.  More of the money will go toward salaries and not tablet PC's next year.  Student response systems is another project at Lacrosse.  The system is called Turning Point and Jim is working with Dell about this. They have seen a lot of student engagement with the student response system.  In the fall, the students will get textbook and clicker from textbook rental for a biology course.  Scott Cooper will work on this project and gather data on the effectiveness of the project.  LaCrosse is really working on promotion of technology in the classroom both internally and externally.   Community support is great!  Jim is going to the Frye Institute in June.  Engaging Student Learning Through Technology Workshop is an online site LaCrosse has.

  • UW-Extension - Rosemary - Curricular redesign funds used for professional development.  Launching a new website in two weeks.  WLW training and demos up 14%.  Still working on American Sign Language learning objects.  Open house to celebrate 40 years of ICS this year.  Check out their Effective Practices website.  Web team is working on a new website to replace the Distance Learning Catalog website.  MediaSiteLive requests to use if for training.  Molly - 77 D2L courses in Cooperative Extension.  They are using D2L as an organizational tool.  Working with SOTL, next event is on April 22 on attracting diverse audiences.  There will be a video conference in the morning at Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay and Eau Clair.  Molly was named 2005-2006 Teaching Fellow for Extension.  Congratulations!! 

  • UW-Stout - Curricular redesign funds - 2/3 to computing and networking and the rest to salaries in Margy's shop.  432 active courses in D2L.  Pilot in mobile IP system.  Digital video is really taking off on campus.  Laptop program in the fall will be in its 4th year, so all students except 5th year seniors.  It has really become part of their semester start-up activities.  Teaching and Learning Center has done a lot of professional development work this year.  Activities are listed on Margy's handout.  Summer 2005 Institutes - there will be three.  Stout is concerned about staffing cuts and their CIO is retiring in June.

  • UW-Eau Claire - Kathy Finder left a couple weeks ago. They have a new interim director.  Because of the turnover, Donna doesn't know where the curricular redesign funds go.  They are piloting remote field offices.  Donna or Jessica go out to that department several times a week and work in that department with the faculty.  Also have a site in the humanities building and they are very busy there.  The third site is related to the accelerated nursing program, which will happen this summer.  Initiative called "Charting our Future" - shift to learner centered teaching.  There is lots of change happening in their office because of this.  They send out D2L newsletters twice a month to D2L users.  L.D. Fink was on campus in the fall for a one-day workshop, and a ½ day workshop for faculty developers on campus.  Extreme Learning Makeover - this summer.  August - Mary Alice Weimer will be on campus to do a book top.  There will be a SOTL symposium in the fall.  There are several different learning communities on campus. 

  • UW-River Falls - Curricular Redesign funds go to faculty desktop workstations.  LTDC is not staffed since Karen is full-time elsewhere.  SOTL and Karen's group would collaborate on some projects.  River Falls uses their Student Cadre to provide support to students and to faculty and to K-12 teachers.  This was once federally funded, and is now being funded on fumes.  Working to train these folks on D2L.  WECB did a Public Television shoot to capture the work they are doing on e-portfolios.  This will be on Public TV on May 17th.

  • UW-Stevens Point - Patricia was just at a conference and came back saying UW System is right there with our peer institutions across the country.  Curricular Redesign - Patricia's salary, Mary and Patricia's area, and funds for grants.   There is a bit of confusion about this.  Initiatives - summer gaming grant, development of an online course for professional development for faculty, continuing in the work of SCORM, collaborating on developing a Blood borne Pathogens module.  SOTL is beginning to work with the LTDC. Mary - Summer - hybrid course workshop for 12 faculty.  Point is holding panel discussion brown bags with faculty. 

  • UW-Colleges - Curricular redesign moneys go toward hybrid project, faculty development with technology, and purchase technology tools. Third year of Hybrid project - 50 faculty and 50+ courses.  We have a grant from Hewlett-Packard for Tablet PC uses.  Our new Helpdesk, staffed by students from our campuses, who are now on UW Madison campus.   It has taken about 150 questions away from my e-mail box and put it into the helpdesk's area.  This has been great.  We will be running 4 summer institutes that will allow faculty from 8 campuses to participate in these workshops.  See Pat's handout with some resources.

  • WiscNet - BadgerNet II, trying to get members more involved and active.  Using Blackboard as CMS.  Looking at Moodle.  Free registration to WiscNet for each institution's LTDC rep.

  • UW-Green Bay - Curricular redesign money goes towards salaries and other LTDC related activities.  Working on non-traditional courses.  Faculty member working with h.s. students to gather water samples and do analysis. 

  • UW-Superior - Curricular redesign pays Lisa's salary and some student salaries. Hired a new ½ time LTE for D2L site admin, paid by DE fees.  Looking to teach GIS at a distance.  Superior is cutting the ½ time OPID rep, so OPID might end up being Lisa's responsibility. 

  • UW-Parkside - Curricular redesign moneys go to salary and LTDC center. There has been a shuffling of people and structure at Parkside.  Lots of new CMS users.  Parkside eliminated CIO position.  Providing summer workshops for faculty.

  • UW-Whitewater - Curricular redesign money - purchase technology -computers for faculty and pay for online instruction.  Hired a new instructional designer in March.  UW System - Flash project is ongoing.  Whitewater is available to help create Flash objects for other campuses.  There is a website for this on Lorna's handout.  They have a Title III grant to run a two week summer workshop.  Integrating hybrid course redesign into the workshop.  Received a Chancellor's Excellence grant to create a weblog system on campus.  D2L is much calmer.  They have around 500 courses - 850 sections.  Just did a student satisfaction survey and they found students want faculty to use D2L.  Curricular redesign grant proposals - this year they had 6 proposals submitted, an all time high for Whitewater.



  • Curricular Redesign Grant report - Alan - There was 25 proposals and the executive committee has forwarded their recommendation to UW System Administration.  There were 5 campuses with 5 or more proposals.  Every institution was represented in at least one proposal. There were a couple campuses with 8 proposals. 
  • Working to hire a TTT editor - Alan.  The first search was stopped because of a hiring freeze.

  • D2L Update - David - The Learning Object Repository is not budgeted for this year, but for at least a year out!  There is a new version that was just released.  We want the export tool now, and that is what UW System is telling them.   Desire2BLarge - 5 institutions or universities, OSU, Iowa, MNSCU, U. of AZ, and UW System.   Now that there are 5 big customers, we are working to have a common voice with the company.  One example is seeing if our functional requests can be pulled together to leverage them.  If one institution is asking for a special process, we might be able to get it too.  There will be a D2L Advisory Board - where the LTDC might be involved.  The User Conference is Aug. 7-10.  There will be a new form for submission of proposals and the deadline will be extended.  The workshop schedule will be posted - there will be one hour training sessions by D2L and also a track for special meetings.   Campus visits are currently underway!  These have been going very well.  Peter Mann and David will be doing another round of campus visits specific to D2L.  Is it possible the 7.4 update date will change from June 2 to an earlier date?  Probably not.  Learn@UW is trying to stick to that date.

  • Asynchronous Tools Task Force- hoping to gather input from survey that just went out.  We have some results.  The group is looking at finding a tool that will meet faculty needs and bring D2L back to the level it was at with BB and WebCT.   The whiteboard is the missing piece.  Breeze live is very feature rich, but not sustainable.  We are looking at Mojo 3.1 (D2L).  The group is going to try to meet here and then meet again on Thursday.  Mojo - $25,000 setup fee. 

  • Wisconsin Federated Resource - Hal - http://wfr.uwsa.edu/index.php  This is a resource not a repository, but a federated registry.  Content has metadata associated with it.  It is not MERLOT.  Trying to create a development environment.  It is a publishing environment.  We're working with D-Space on the Madison campus.  It is also a set of communication tools.  It has an RSS feed, e-mail notifications, forms, etc.  You can put in a website.  Based on open source software.   You can do searches, there are forums, you can evaluate what you read, and you can contribute content.  Issues - remove impediments to using and developing electronic materials.  You can get at all the assets.  Everything is sharable. Need to automate the save process. What should the metadata include?  Hal is the administrator of the Resource.  For more information, Hal Schlais has a PowerPoint presentation of his talk!!

  • Conferences and Professional Development - Alan will add this to the agenda tomorrow.  He feels that professional development is very important and his role is to advocate for us to get to some of these opportunities.

  • LTDC Executive Committee Special Election - this is to fill Kathy Finder's position on the committee.  Nominations - Carol Turner, Jim Jorstad, Mary Mielke.  Motion to close nominations by Margy, second by Donna Raleigh.  Jim Jorstad was elected to fill the position on the committee.

Tuesday, April 12

Effective communication among LTDC -

  • Facilitating Collaboration
    • Alan's LTDC Blog - http://ltdc.typepad.com/ltdc_weblog/
    • Blogs, Wikis, RSS, Podcasting
    • In the past we had a separate meeting for professional development.  Let's think about what we want to do and when, possibly even in the fall.
    • In the past, different campuses would do testing of a software package and make a report to the group on which product was best
    • Could we use some curricular redesign money to support campuses doing the research?  Proposals would be needed.
    • Committee - Rosemary Lehman, Patricia Ploetz, Karen Ryan, and Cheryl Diermyer will work on planning a fall conference.

Strategic Planning

LTDC D2L Subcommittee Report

    • The report is very broad and not prioritized
    • Where do we go as a group with this
    • How do we develop a process for identifying needs and issues as a group


  • Learn@UW is a hosting facility - the campuses are customers
  • David's responsibility is to serve as the liaison between Learn@UW and campuses for the larger scope/long term planning issues

  • Ask David to share his minutes from weekly meetings with D2L and notes from the other meetings with D2L with Peter Mann so they can be distributed to Site Admins. and LTDC folks.
  • The LTDC and Site Admins. would like to see an org. chart for the D2L committee structure.

  • Alan can help by expressing the needs and concerns of the LTDC to David.

  • How does the LTDC go about moving the issues forward? 
  • Assessment of D2L so we know what to do when the contact is up?
  • Synchronous Tools
  • Repository

The LTDC D2L Subcommittee will reconvene with a new charge?

·  Sort out Site admin issues from LTDC issues

·  Report back to the LTDC group

·  Audience - campuses, David Wirth, Ed Meachen, Alan Foley, Learn@UW.

·  We added Molly and Alan to the committee

Create an LTDC cohort that includes site admins to take the site admin issues from this document to the site admins group.



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