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Streaming Media (Kaltura) Pilot for 2011


The UW System is sponsoring a pilot of the Kaltura media management system for the year 2011. The goal of this pilot is to explore the relatively uncharted territory of a media management platform for teaching and learning. Kaltura offers a hosted solution for storage and management of video assets, a YouTube-like interface, access to usage statistics, and the potential to integrate with Desire2Learn, the UW System's LMS, for easy access and management of video content.

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is an open source online video platform that provides essential functionalities including rich media ingestion, transcoding, editing, annotation, metadata, content management, publishing, collaboration, and analytics. Desire2Learn (D2L) and Kaltura are collaborating to offer an integrated solution within the LMS that offers an easy entry point for faculty and students. The current integration involves access via D2L to Kaltura's Management Console (KMC) that provides administrators with access to upload/manage content, assign metadata, set policies, restrict access, and create customized players. A single KMC instance provides direct control over MediaSpace product (provides users with a simple process to upload video or audio content and reference from a course).

What are the advantages of using Kaltura?

  • Access to useful features that are easy to use - YouTube-like interface
  • Supports video, audio, images, and other rich media
  • Available as a hosted or on premise solution
  • Direct integration with D2L LMS for the administrative console (KMC)
  • Open Source solution
  • Widely recognized video solution in Higher Ed community

Details about the pilot

The planned pilot is expected to take place over an academic year (and at least one full semester after integration with MediaSpace is available). The pilot will be limited to a total of 500 users. Kaltura will host the content using a Tier 1 content distribution network (CDN) and offers up to 500GB of storage and streaming per month (additional costs may be incurred if use exceeds these limits). Users at the participating campuses will access the Kaltura Management Console through the D2L interface via a single sign-on method. A single (shared) instance of MediaSpace will be available to participating campuses and we can request campus-specific instances, upon request.

This pilot will be fully funded by UW System Administration and will incur no cost to participating campuses.

Interested campuses are asked to seek out faculty who will use this tool in their teaching and provide input to an evaluation. We are looking for candidates in the following:

  • Faculty who teach in face-to-face courses, hybrid or blended, or totally online courses
  • Faculty with varying experience with creating, managing, and offering rich media content (acknowledging that inexperienced faculty will need more assistance from instructional technologists)
  • Faculty who will use the tool regularly and extensively for a variety of pedagogical purposes
  • Faculty who will require rich media assignments in their courses to their students

As you select or invite faculty, keep in mind that you will serve as the primary contact in consultation and questions, therefore, we caution against over-ambition. We expect no more than 8 pilot faculty participants per campus and the number will vary depending on the level of comfort and experience with rich media technology.

Visit the Kaltura web site for additional product information.

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