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UW-System Learning Technology Development Council Showcase 2014

Date: April 10-11, 2014

Location: Virtual Conference via Blackboard Collaborate web conference, no travel required

Registration is now open. Complete agenda is available. Check out the Conference Website at: http://uwsltdcshowcase.wordpress.com

LTDC Technology Forum - 2014

The UWS Learning Technology Development Council is starting a new program this year to promote sharing of campus expertise and opportunities for collaboration in learning technology areas to advance the mission of teaching and learning on our campuses.

The LTDC Campus Forum is a monthly session on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 10am – 11am. Topics will be announced ahead of time and posted at The Learning Technology Forum Page.

All UWS campus staff or faculty interested in learning technology in general or a topic in particular are cordially invited to join the session. The only requirement is active engagement during the session. We need different points of view, sharing of expertise or experience in the area of discussion for a productive meeting. Our goal is to learn from each other.

The LTDC Technology Forum will be held in a Blackboard Collaborate session that is open to the public. Feel free to share the link with your campus learning technology support professionals, and with faculty as well. Please plan to join the session at least 10 minutes before to test the web and audio connections into the meeting. Please also use your name to join the session. The sessions will be recorded and available for later reference.
LTDC Technology Forum Blackboard Collaborate Session

Session Topics & Facilitation:
An active list of Forum Topics is kept at the following site, and will be updated periodically. The name of the facilitator volunteer is also posted on the same site. The LTDC welcomes suggestions of topics, as well as volunteers to share a specific project, a campus initiative, software you are testing, or any topics pertaining to learning technology and pedagogy or online teaching and learning. One goal is to provide an opportunity for collaboration among campuses or individuals on both the technical and pedagogical fronts. Please visit the page to sign up, or to suggest topics or speakers from your campus. The LTDC planning group will contact the individuals directly to make the connection.
Technology Forum Page

Access archives from previous forums

UW-System Learning Technology Development Council Showcase 2014

Date: April 10-11, 2014
Location: Virtual Conference via Blackboard Collaborate web conference, no travel required

Conference Website: http://uwsltdcshowcase.wordpress.com

The UW-System Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC) Showcase 2014 will be held virtually April 10-11, 2014. Share your innovations! How are you using technology in education? How are you making a difference? What technologies are you finding successful? How are you engaging your students? How are your students responding to your social media efforts? What makes your class different and successful? How are you collaborating with others? Is collaboration paying off? How are you evaluating your success?

This virtual conference offers an opportunity for sharing your successes and challenges in teaching with technology - in your f2f classroom, online, flex or MOOCs. You will connect with other practitioners without travel expenses and time commitment. Please join us by send a proposal to present or facilitate.

All presentations will be conducted in Blackboard web conference, training and orientation will be available prior to the conference. The presentations will be ~30 minutes in length with 15 min Q&A following. Proposals are sought in six general categories:

  • Innovative Approaches (Hot Topics) – Tell us about different ways in which you’re working and teaching. Are mobile applications a part of your learning and knowledge portfolio? How have you taken traditional teaching and changed it? Can you share a successful case study?
  • Engagement of Students – How are your students connecting with each other and you? What works now or will work in the future? How is that working? Can you share a successful case study?
  • Faculty Development – How are you supporting your faculty? Are you facilitating learning communities? How are you engaging faculty? Do you have a successful case study to share?
  • How to and Resources – Do you have a skill to share? Have you created a wonderful set of resources for faculty and students? We’re interested in successful case studies; what can you share?
  • Best Practices - Are you using a particular learning technology (or set of technologies) and know through evaluation that it is a definitive use that engages students and promotes learning?
  • Emerging Topics - Do you have a proposal that doesn’t quite fit into the other topics?

Proposals are due January 24, 2014. Successful proposals will be notified by February 10, 2014. To submit proposals go to: http://goo.gl/NaWyWY


Sponsored Regional Showcases

In the spirit of the mission of the LTDC to facilitate the sharing of technology best practices and discovering innovative ways of using technology in teaching and learning, the LTDC sponsored four Regional Showcases on Technology in Teaching and Learning for the 2011-2012 academic year. Read more about the Regional Showcases.


ePortfolio Showcase

Date: June 22nd, 8:30am-5pm
Location: UW-Madison campus (venue TBA)
Event is free, Lunch will be provided, more details to come. 

Join us for the UW-System 2012 D2L ePortfolio Showcase!

This one day event is open to all faculty and instructional support staff. Faculty from around UW System campuses will share their experiences with the D2L ePortfolio. We have invited Dr. Trent Batson (Executive Director of AAEEBL) to deliver the keynote, and D2L eP product developers to be onsite to discuss the direction of the product. The event will provide excellent networking and sharing opportunities to engage with the Wisconsin community that has grown around the D2L ePortfolio.
The Agenda of the day is being developed, please check the program site  frequently. Link to agenda

Space is limited. To secure a spot for the event, please register prior to June 8, at http://uwsystemadmin.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5BWFlNAYnh0JS7O


UWSA President's Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The UW System President's Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning occurred in Madison, WI on April 14th and 15th. Thank you to all LTDC representatives, Learning Technology staff and UW System faculty/staff who presented, and to everyone who attended. It was a great event to showcase the great work that is going on in teaching and learning at UW campuses and for all to network in their areas of interest. Faculty  members,  LTDC and learning technology Colleagues from around UW System participated by presenting on various topics demonstrating the impact of teaching and learning. Below is a sampling of presentations made which demonstrate how technology affects learning in higher education. Read more on the LTDC blog...

Original Event Announcement

The President's Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning will be a fantastic professional development opportunity. The Learning Technology track of the conference will involve presentations from LTDC colleagues and faculty who have worked with technology in teaching - many being CR grant recipients.

There will be NO registration fee for the conference. Lodging at the state rate is available at the Concourse Hotel, the conference site. You need to make your reservation directly with the hotel.

A small group will be planning for the LTDC F2F meeting program for April 13 (10 am - 5pm). The agenda will be available soon.

UWS Second Life Workshop Spring 2011

Are you an instructor interested in using Second Life in your course? Educators are consistently searching for ways to increase engagement, establish presence, and build learning community in their courses. They are also looking for technologies which facilitate active learning and engage a new generation of learners. A virtual world, Second Life, assists faculty in meeting these needs.

During the Spring 2011 semester the UW System Learning Technology Development Council is sponsoring 4 workshops on Second Life.  The workshops are designed and scheduled to serve faculty at all skill levels and to provide a progression from beginner to “teaching with Second Life.” The workshops run for 90 minutes. The first 60 minutes are for instruction, with the last 30 minutes for Q & A, and extra one-to-one assistance with difficult topics. Note that Workshop 1, or equivalent knowledge (including having an avatar already) is required for participation in Workshops 2-4.

Digital Storytelling in the College Classroom: Lessons Learned

This conference featured a teleconference with Jason Ohler, author of Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity; and Digital Community, Digital Citizen. There was a panel discussion of UW System faculty members with significant experience in using digital stories and opportunities for the participants to share and learn with each other. There is no charge for the conference.

For more information: View the conference post on the LTDC News Blog

D2L ePortfolio Showcase - September 24th, 2010

This event showcased some creative uses of D2L eP in diverse disciplines, and provides a forum for interested faculty to exchange ideas in developing ePortfolios as an integral part of  student learning assessment and the potential of leveraging D2L eP in an integrated learning environment.

  • Event Date/Time: Friday, September 24, 2010, 11:45am - 4pm. Lunch will be provided.
  • Location: Room 126, Memorial Library, UW-Madison.
  • View the event agenda

Registration is free but seats are limited. Please fill out the registration form below. Deadline for registration is Friday, Sept. 17, 2010.

Second Life Training Workshop

During the Fall 2010 semester the UW System Learning Technology Development Council sponsored 8 workshops on Second Life.  The workshops were designed and scheduled to serve faculty at all skill levels and to provide a progression from beginner to “teaching with Second Life.”

LTDC/D2L Face-to-face Fall Meeting

The LTDC and D2L Site-admin groups held a joint Fall meeting on Oct 7 & 8 at UW-LaCrosse. All learning technology professionals are invited to attend.

Quality Matters Training

UWS LTDC is supporting a number of training seats for faculty and instructional support staff to get familiar with blended and online course design through the Quality Matters online workshops. All interested faculty and learning technology support staff should contact their campus LTDC-rep for details.


UWS LTDC Conference in Second Life Virtual World

The LTDC is sponsoring the Second Life Virtual World Conference for UW faculty and teaching staff on June 16 & June 17.
Please contact your campus LTDC representative if you are interested in participating.

View the Conference Program on the UWS LTDC Blog.

The University of Wisconsin System 2010 President's Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The President’s Summit will bring together over 200 faculty and staff across disciplines to demonstrate the UW System’s commitment to excellence in higher education during tough economic times. Replacing or expanding upon several smaller annual spring conferences, the Summit will provide a forum in which to recognize, acknowledge, and share the expertise of faculty and academic staff who excel at teaching, value learning, and are committed to sharing their experience, knowledge, practice, and scholarship. The intentional relationships among teaching, learning, and making excellence inclusive will be highlighted throughout this event. Read more about the President's Summit.

Second Life

Second Life (SL, http://secondlife.com) is an open virtual 3D environment that continues to gain popularity as a potential learning and community platform. This UWS LTDC funded project has the ultimate goal of laying the foundation for future development and projects, by providing a central resource for UW campuses interested in exploring Second Life. Potential areas of exploration will include (but are not limited to): social or communal learning design; content development and/or inclusion (e.g. objects, scripting, interactions, external web content); and conducting SL-based class activities.

The Second Life island, called Access Wisconsin, is found here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Access%20Wisconsin/149/117/24 (Second Life client install required) and open to the general public.

Additional information and materials for the project is found online.

If you’d like to talk to someone about arranging project space on the island, contact your LTDC representative.

LTDC Fall Technology Conference

The Learning Technology Development Council hosted a Fall Technology Conference on October 29 & 30, 2009. It was held at the Pyle Center in Madison. This conference was funded through an LTDC Emerging Technology Grant and showcased faculty, teaching and support staff across UW System. They shared their expertise, best practices and innovative ideas on how technology can make a difference in teaching and learning in the new and changing environment of Web 2.0. Read more about the Fall Technology Conference.

Digital Storytelling Workshop

The Learning Technology Development Council hosted a Digital Storytelling workshop in the Fall of 2008. It was held at the Pyle Center in Madison and the first day events were Web-cast to System campuses. This workshop was funded through an LTDC Emerging Technology Grant and featured Joe Lambert, Founding Director of the Center for Digital Storytelling and Roger Schank, Chief Executive Director of Socratic Arts. Read more about the Digital Storytelling Workshop.

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