Office of Learning and Information Technology

UW System CIO Teleconference

February 12, 2004

Participating Institutions
IAA Update
The "Wisconsin Collaborative Network"
APBS Update
Office of Procurement Update
CIO Retreat

Participating Institutions

APBS Core Team
UW Colleges
UW Extension
UW-Eau Claire
UW-River Falls
UW-Stevens Point
UW System Administration

IAA update - Carrie Regenstein

UW-Green Bay is the newest participant in the IAA registry. The project is still waiting for data feeds from UW-LaCrosse, UW-Whitewater, and UW-Stevens Point. The authentication hub is already being used for D2L authentication by UW Colleges, UW-Green Bay, UW-Superior and UW-Whitewater. The team is also working with Brio, Kronos, APBS and the WISC catalog process. Support has been moved to the FASTAR facility. The phase 1 and phase 2 documentation is being revised and completed.

The IAA governance group has met a couple times. Much work has already been done to create a memo of understanding between the campuses and the UW System Administration. Chris Ashley is assisting with the MOU and the registranrs are providing input. It should be ready in a couple weeks. There are slight variations from campus to campus. Once the MOU is complete, demonstrations will be given to the registrars, vice chancellors and other groups.

Principles for the acceptable use of IAA are under development, as well as an evaluation process.

The "Wisconsin Collaborative Network"

It will be awhile before is is clear where the developments of the last couple months will lead. Meanwhile, WiscNet will continue to go forward as is for the foreseeable future. The Department of Administration has indicated that they are moving ahead with an RFI, and interested in adding non-mandatory components that educational institutions could take advantage of. Information on the developments will be presented to the chancellors and vice chancellors.

APBS update - Margo Lessard

As a follow up to the last CIO Council meeting, Margo Lessard circulated a document outlining the APBS Core Team's view of the level of participation of the various UW System institutions in the conversion testing. The APBS Core Team will be a regular participant at the monthly CIO Council meetings. The topics of greatest interest to the CIO Council are security and timekeeping/Kronos. An analysis conducted by a subset of the UWS institutional auditors, with participation from the Legislative Audit Bureau, will be available in a couple months. A demonstration of the training modules that are being developed in D2L by Learning Innovations and the ADL Co-Lab will be planned for a future CIO Council meeting. The CIO Council also recommended the development of a 3-5 minute video aimed at senior administrators.

APBS system testing will commence on March 15, and begin with performance testing via Loadrunner.

The APBS project will bear the costs of Cypress for APBS purposes. A Cypress demo will be scheduled for a future CIO Council meeting.

Office of Procurement Update - Helen McCain

The new IT services contract should be posted on VendorNet next week. DOA will conduct the remainder of the process through to the award.

The Bureau of Procurement is developing an enterprise services bus to share data and provide common services. They want to put the the UWS institutions on it as well. There will be a kickoff meeting today. On the 25th, there will be a meeting to discuss what data elements will be collected. DOA wants to track transactions from the PO through payment, and also look at direct charges. They have already piloted the bus with WISMART and various other systems.

Media and Front Page issues are still being resolved with Microsoft and CDW-G. The renewal of a $20K annual insurance cost was not included in the Microsoft calculator that was shared during the contract negotiations. The insurance is necessary because of Microsoft's indemnification language in the contract. The fee will be prorated to each campus based upon their counts of knowledge workers. The bills should be distributed to the campuses next week.

UW-Madison has negotiated a CIC contract with Symmantec. McAfee anti-virus software is available on a state contract.

CIO Retreat

There will be a CIO retreat from noon, Thursday, March 18 until noon, Friday, March 19 in the Dells. A leadership facilitator will join the group.