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University of Wisconsin CIO Council

July 17, 2008


  • Attendees
  • CBO Teleconference Report
  • BCN Advisory Retreat
  • Revised Data Protection and Access Policy
  • HRS Update
  • Procurement Update
  • Supply Management Update
  • Desire2Learn
  • Meeting of Database Administrators
  • BOREAS Network
  • UWM Director of Research Cyberinfrastructure
  • Meeting Dates
  • Attendees - Both at Madison and via Teleconference

    CIOs and their Representatives
    Nancy Crabb
    David Dumke
    Chip Eckardt
    Ron Kraemer
    Kathy Pletcher
    John Krogman
    Bruce Maas
    Ed Meachen
    Bill Myers
    Mary Schoeler
    Ken Splittgerber
    David Stack
    John Tillman
    Lisa Wheeler

    Chris Ashley
    Lorie Docken
    Paul Moriarty
    Lori Voss


    CBO Teleconference Report

    The CBOs and others have been doing their best to absorb the 2008-09 budget lapses and veterans remissions to reduce the impact on the UWS institutions.

    BCN Advisory Retreat

    Ed Meachen reported that the BadgerNet Converged Network (BCN) Advisory Group has been working with State of Wisconsin CIO Oskar Anderson on visioning exercises. Lately, Anderson has become interested in learning about business needs that are not being met by the current 2.5 year old BCN contract. Consequently, on August 7th, there will be an advisory retreat for customers to talk with DOA, but not the BCN vendors, regarding potential contract changes. The TEACH Program, BCN network environment, requirements and service options will be discussed. The BCN Advisory Group is talking to other states that also have combined government/education networks, e.g., Utah, where the university procures and runs the network for the high schools.

    Sometime in September or October there will likely be a requirements setting conference to look at the needs of the various customer groups for the next network. What is needed is requirements for the next few years based upon the history of traffic on the BCN network.

    Kathy Pletcher reported that one of the big goals of the Wisconsin public libraries is unlimited bandwidth because the availability of residential broadband is very uneven across the state. There may be restrictions on the types of traffic that TEACH funds can subsidize. Postalization and lack of burstability are big issues for the BCN customers. Ed Meachen estimates that the UW System may burst up to 10G in 2012, which is beyond what the BCN vendors are anticipating.

    Revised Data Protection and Access Policy

    Nancy Crabb reported that the state security council has been discussing privacy in the wake of the governor's letter to the agencies based upon the analysis by Metavante in the wake of data privacy issues at Employee Trust Funds. Questions have arisen as to which business units within state agencies should be responsible for privacy and whether or not a dedicated privacy officer is needed. Chris Ashley said that every campus has at least a HIPAA privacy officer and probably a compliance officer as well. People are not always clear what they mean by a privacy officer and it probably isn't necessary for each agency and/or UWS institution to hire a new FTE.

    Chris Ashley would like to have a rather narrowly defined UWS data protection and access policy that addresses how employees handle sensitive data rather than a broad, loosely defined, "privacy" policy. Systemwide principles could provide a basis for more specific and flexible local policies at the UWS institutions. It was agreed not to go forward with a privacy summit at this time.

    HRS Update

    Lorie Docken reported that the Human Resources System (HRS) team is in week four of the "intersession" in which the PeopleSoft Setup Manager is being used to pilot the configuration of the base HR modules using actual data from 250 individuals. Basic UWS business processes have been successfully tested. Next week, the people who provided the data will examine how it actually looks inside the pilot system. Tomorrow, there will be another WisLine Web teleconference with all of the UWS institutions.

    The fall project plan is under development. The team is documenting the gaps and the associated decision points.

    Before the meeting, Ed Meachen distributed the makeup of the Decision Council that was formulated to make decisions expeditiously regarding UWS business practices vis-a-vis the capabilities of the PeopleSoft software. The Decision Council is a subset of the Steering Committee and has been meeting weekly to discuss issues. Not many decisions have yet been made for lack of sufficient information about the associated legal and procedural considerations, e.g., payroll calendars.

    There was a trial run of the decision to turn over the support for, and access to, self-service functions to the UWS institutions. There is support for this decision from UW–Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay and a number of the other institutions. The Service Center Executive Committee will be informed of this decision and others of similar magnitude when they are made.

    Communications and interactions with the various stakeholder groups need to be defined. Some groups, like the chancellors, meet frequently. Other groups meet less often.

    Procurement Update

    Lori Voss reported that the due date for reporting Microsoft renewal updates to CDWG was last Monday. All UWS institutions need to respond.

    Autodesk renewals are in a time sensitive phase because of the need to distribute keys to campuses before the start of classes. The disks are in the mail. An Autodesk bid is on the street and will be opened next week. There may be only one reseller qualified to service the academic market, in which case there would not be any sudden changes before the start of the semester. It is likely that a three-year contract will be purchased up front so that the participating campuses get a better rate. Chargebacks would then be levied to the participating campuses.

    The UWS Procurement Office is continuing to work with Oracle regarding the February 2008 database contract update. In a few months, there will be webinars and workshops available to everyone in the UWS to explain the scope of what the contract includes. Meanwhile, the Procurement Office is developing a communication piece to put on its website.

    Supply Management Update

    Lori Voss reported that the Shared Financial System (SFS) Executive Committee would like to hear more in August about the business case for the supply management project given the delay in the state's Integrated Business Information System (IBIS) project before making a presentation to the UWS Common Systems Review Group (CSRG) in September.

    Ed Meachen reported that the CSRG is interested in exploring expanded use of existing features in SFS in either the current 8.9 version, or the upcoming version 9.0. A similar question can be asked about the functionalities of the new Oracle modules that have been acquired. For example, even basic requisitioning processes are largely manual within the UWS. Maintenance payments for new supply modules that aren't being used will be re-examined.

    Even with a solid business case, the supply management project will have to be prioritized along with the other common systems initiatives.


    Lori Voss reported that the basic Desire2Learn (D2L) license has been extended while new pricing models are under consideration. The new offers from the D2L company are competitive, but are for an extended period of time. The company has restructured their master agreement and would like to bring the UWS contract into closer alignment with it. The company now has a presence in the US.

    The UWS sent a letter to D2L regarding how the upgrades to version 8.3 were conducted with respect to the issues in Blackboard's lawsuit against them.

    Meanwhile, the UWS Procurement Office has been working with Blackboard regarding their transaction systems which are in use at some UWS institutions. Blackboard is reportedly announcing new versions that will not necessarily be made available to existing licensees.

    Meeting of Database Administrators

    John Krogram reported that there will probably be a birds of a feather session for database administrators at the WHEPSUG 2008 conference in October.

    BOREAS Network

    Ron Kraemer reported that the board of the BOREAS Network has agreed to double its capacity for research traffic.

    UWM Director of Research Cyberinfrastructure

    Bruce Maas announced that UW-Milwaukee has hired Melissa Woo from UIUC as their new Director of Research Cyberinfrastructure. UW-Milwaukee will be spending a year developing service levels for support of research computing.

    Meeting Dates

    The next meeting of the UWS CIO Council will be on September 18, 2008 in Madison. There will not be an August 2008 meeting. Meeting dates, the directory of UW CIOs, and CIO Council meeting summaries are available at: