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UW System CIO Council Teleconference

April 19, 2011

UW Technology & Information Security Council (TISC) Update
Common Systems Update
D2L Update
HRS Update
Campus Phone Systems
Campus Solutions Forum
2011-12 CIO Council Meeting Schedule
May CIO Council Meeting


CIOs and their Representatives
JoAnne Berg
Nancy Crabb
David Dumke
Mohamed Elhindi
John Krogman
Bruce Maas
John McCarragher
Ed Meachen
Jose Noriega
Elena Pokot
Mary Schoeler
Ken Splittgerber
David Stack
Doug Wahl
Melissa Woo
Ruth Ginzberg
Chris Liechty
Paul Moriarty
Lorna Wong
Lorie Docken

UW Technology & Information Security Council (TISC) Update

Chris Liechty reported that work continues on Credential Assessment Framework (CAF) compliance with several problematic items tabled for now. University of Wisconsin (UW) Digital ID certificates may be used for authenticating target groups into the Human Resources System (HRS).

Pushback against wholesale adoption of PCI standards for restricted data elements resulted in the decision to collect the standards that are currently in use at the UW System (UWS) institutions and to report them back to the security governance group.

It has come to the attention of TISC members that not all technical groups at the UWS institutions are in sync and communicating with their respective financial officers regarding PCI compliance for credit cards.

There will be an in-person meeting for the TISC during the fall ITMC conference. The group may also have a phone conference during the summer.

Common Systems Update

Ed Meachen reported that the Common Systems Review Group met and discussed potential budget cuts for fiscal year 2012. The new academic system projects (Library Discovery Tools, Elluminate and ePortfolios) were protected by cutting other items. Final approval for the academic systems was secured from the Provosts last Friday. The Common Systems portfolio was also approved by the Chancellors.

The advice given to managers at the various UWS institutions regarding potential funding cuts has varied widely. UW System Administration (UWSA) will take a significant budget cut with no off sets. Many of UWSA budget items are pass-throughs to the UWS institutions that will be protected to the extent possible.

D2L Update

Lorna Wong continued the Common Systems report and explained that the D2L ePortfolio price negotiation was completed last January and a request for a sole source waiver is currently being processed. The campuses in the current pilot paid a one time fee that they do not need to pay again. Campuses that are newly participating will have to pay a one-time setup fee. It is expected that at least nine institutions will participate in the first year. A projection for the storage required for ePortfolio has been built into the project budget based upon the experience from the pilot.

The Elluminate contract negotiation process will be restarted soon. The current Adobe contract will be terminated at the end of April and the funds turned toward the annual Elluminate license fee. Non-instructional use of Elluminate is permitted.

There will be a major D2L upgrade at the beginning of June. The dates have been communicated to the site administrators. There are a number of new features and enhancements for ePortfolios, grading, audio recordings, mobile web, etc.

The Campus Life mobile app is a separate D2L product that is not included in the current UWS license. It is a hosted by D2L using the Amazon cloud and includes campus maps, events, etc. The company is anxious to work with UWS institutions on this new product. Ruth Ginzberg noted that applications of this type are provided by multiple vendors so a bid or a Request for Proposal may be required depending upon the procurement amount. Lorna Wong will pursue scheduling a Campus Life webinar for the UWS institutions.

Until now, the D2L analytics tool has not been of use to Learn@UW, but a new version is expected at the end of the summer that may allow site admins to use their own query tools to extract information from the D2L database. The current tool is available on the Learn@UW beta site. In the spring, a more comprehensive package is expected. The company is also touting an improved "signals" program to help identify students at risk.

Last month, Ed Meachen sent an email to the Provosts soliciting their interest in Turnitin. The responses did not meet the FTE threshold for a discounted license as outlined in the previous proposal from Turnitin. Discussions are continuing with the company.

HRS Update

Lorie Docken reported that the actual cut over to the new HR system after three dress rehearsals went smoothly on Monday. At the invitation of the HRS team, hundreds of staff from the UWS institutions came to Madison on Sunday, the day before the official go live, to begin catching up on their work. There is a call center that is working closely with the DoIT Help Desk. It is important that all incidents get logged with the call center.

John Krogman reported that load and performance problems started occurring on the morning of go live and the system was off line for a couple hours in the afternoon. Issues with the portal interface that student employees use to to record their work time were found and addressed. Today, tens of thousands of student employees have clocked in and out successfully.

It is important for everyone to remember that scheduled and unscheduled outages are reported at:

The Council expressed its appreciation to the team for all of their work.

Campus Phone Systems

Ed Meachen reported that Centrex contracts are still the norm for plain telephone service. The Voice over IP (VoIP) pilot project at UW-Whitewater saves a few dollars per month per line for basic dial tone, however greater savings and efficiencies are accrued through the inclusion of voice mail and unified communications in VoIP. Savings are also possible are with a user-managed VoIP system rather than a vendor-managed system; however that is not available on state contract.


Ruth Ginzberg reported that UW-Eau Claire is interested in the Zimride cloud software service for ride sharing. UW-Oshkosh has already done a sealed bid and has a contract that any UWS institution can use. There is not interest in a system-wide contract.

Campus Solutions Forum

Ken Splittgerber reported that the Campus Solutions Forum will be held this Thursday with both in-person and video conference venues.

2011-12 CIO Council Meeting Schedule

The projected meeting schedule has been distributed. The June meeting will be rescheduled to the 23rd.

May CIO Council Meeting

The next CIO Council meeting will be May 19th. A location has not yet been determined.