Office of Learning and Information Technology

University of Wisconsin CIO Council

April 22, 2008

Green Lake, WI

  • Attendees
  • Discussion of Open Source ePortfolio Product
  • Student Information System Executive Committee Draft Charter
  • Oracle Maintenance
  • Possible CIO "Telepresence" Experiment
  • BCN's Next Generation
  • Governor Doyle's Privacy and Security Initiatives
  • Meeting Dates


    CIOs and their Representatives
    Nancy Crabb
    Ann Marie Durso
    Jack Duwe
    Chip Eckardt
    Kathy Pletcher
    John Krogman
    Bruce Maas
    Ed Meachen
    Mary Alice Muraski
    Elena Pokot
    Brian Remer
    Ken Splittgerber
    David Stack
    Doug Wahl


    Gary Beuhler

    Paul Moriarty

    Discussion of Open Source ePortfolio Product

    The CIO Council saw a demonstration of the University of Minnesota's open source eportfolio project yesterday during the ITMC meeting. The Learning Technology Development Council is very interested in looking at both eportfolios and the D2L Learning Object Repository. They will be asked to inventory what is currently in use for both purposes and to bring in demonstration products. UW–Milwaukee believes that they can do about 90% of the eportfolio functionality using CommonSpot and Xythos. Their first step will be the creation of "professional pages" for faculty and staff.

    It is doubltful that there will ever be a single eportfolio product that will be enthusiastically endorsed across all disciplines at all of the UWS institutions. On the other hand, a systemwide implementation would support students as they transfer between majors and/or UWS campuses. Continuing eportfolios for alumni after graduation is also important. D2L says they will tie educational standards into upcoming versions of their product, which would benefit the Schools of Education.

    Student Information System Executive Committee Draft Charter

    There are several volunteers willing to serve on the new Student Information System Executive Committee. A designee from UW–Milwaukee is still needed. A letter will be sent to Chancellors, Provosts and CBOs letting them know that this MILER interface group has been formed and will probably meet for the first time in May or June. The draft charter was distributed to the CIO Council by email.

    Each of the major vertical UWS ERP systems now has its own governance group. However, there is not a data governance group, which is probably the most difficult area to address. Leadership needs to come from the business functions. UW–Milwaukee is trying to develop a similar effort on its own campus. UW–Madison is developing an appropach to business intelligence.

    It was suggested that a mechanism for sharing campus-developed PeopleSoft bolt-ons be formed. Standardizing business processes across the UWS would make it easier to share these types of enhancements. Similar sharing efforts have been tried in the past, but everyone was so busy that they weren't sustained.

    Oracle Maintenance

    The Common System Review Group (CSRG) is in general agreement that the additional database license fee ($1,649,542) could be financed over a 5-year period. At its March 24th meeting, CSRG also discussed using some Common Systems contingency funding for the license fee. However, any decision on using some contingency funding was deferred until the May meeting. Meanwhile, invoices for the additional FY08 maintenance have been sent to campuses. Campuses were invoiced $712,255 earlier this year. The invoices for the remaining balance $768,268 were sent on April 2nd.

    Possible CIO "Telepresence" Experiment

    Ed Meachen suggests holding a CIO Council meeting via telepresence using three of Cisco's regional facilities, perhaps during the summer. Telepresence is a high bandwidth experience that goes beyond videoconferencing to create the illusion of everyone being in the same room. It is probably more appropriate for meetings than for education. The CIC is looking at a similar pilot program and UW–Madison is expecting to construct a telepresence facility on their campus.

    BCN's Next Generation

    Ed Meachen has been working to get the legislative language changed so that the Universal Service Funds are available to all of the UWS institutions. It has recently come to light that the UWS pays DOA for BCN services, with AT&T functioning as their "billing agent." In the past, these funds have been used to subsidize WiscNet costs. Ed Meachen will raise the issue again within UWSA.

    Governor Doyle's Privacy and Security Initiatives

    Nancy Crabb analyzed where the Governor's letter to state agency heads intersects with the UWS IT audit. Jim Lowe provided an analysis of the report Metavante submitted to the Governor. The UWS is dependent upon other agencies regarding certain uses of Social Security numbers, for example Employee Trust Funds. There are legacy forms that ask for Social Security number even though it is not required or other numbers can be used instead.

    Meeting Dates

    The next meeting of the UWS CIO Council will be on May 15, 2008 in Madison. Meeting dates, the directory of UW CIOs, and CIO Council meeting summaries are available at: