Office of Information Services

Services - Office of Information Services - UW System Administration

Customer Support

Provide for a HELP desk function for the fielding, management, tracking, and resolution of customer hardware, software, and network problems. Provide for customer training and education through classroom sessions and informal "brown bag" sessions.

Production/Platform Support

Provide for application processing support on the mainframes, networks, UNIX, and desktops. Provide platform administration, communication, security, and maintenance.

Administrative Assistance

Research and present product recommendations, procure the products, and provide ongoing maintenance. Maintain hardware and software inventory and control software licenses. Maintain disaster recovery plan.

Application Technology

Develop and maintain custom application solutions. Provide the planning, analysis, design, and project management services to translate customer business requirements into an application solution.

Resource Management

Manage information resources through data administration, data security, data base management, repository coordination, and development tool support.


Research and evaluate emerging technologies and methodologies associated with the development and support of information technology solutions.