Office of Information Services

UWSA IT Plan Update for FY2012

This report is an update to the plan issued in fiscal year 2009.  That plan included the year 2012 technology vision, strategic directions and goals as well as the technology planning principles.

Below is a status summary for each of the projects listed in the 2009 UWSA IT Plan, new projects listed in the 2010 UWSA IT Plan Update as well as new projects to be started in fiscal year 2011.  These projects are in alignment with our 2012 information technology goals as stated in the 2009 plan.

Projects completed in fiscal year 2009

·         Restructured CDR base tables to incorporate new federal rules regarding race and ethnicity

·         Distributed Wisconsin GI Bill reports to UW System institutions

·         Created a web based compensation calculation for potential employees to be able to determine the estimated value of the complete compensation package offered to employees.

Projects completed in fiscal year 2010

·         Replaced email/calendar service

·         Re-engineered the current Transfer Information System Phase I

·         Upgraded Storage Area Network Infrastructure

·         Upgraded Firewall Infrastructure

·         Upgraded VMware Infrastructure

·         Update databases from official source of data

·         Establish Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery infrastructure at a different site

·         Restructure the HRIS database to incorporate new federal rules regarding race and ethnicity

·         Create a database system to incorporate the new post 911 supplemental payment requirements of the Wisconsin GI Bill tuition remission system

Projects continuing in fiscal year 2011

·         Transfer Information System Phase IV - We will, in this phase, provide degree audits that will summarize process towards an intended degree for potential transfer students.  The purpose is to guide the student in his/her academic planning and preparation.  This project will establish a system to generate an unofficial degree audit electronically to students considering transfer into or between UW System institutions.

·         Oracle Database Clustering – We will move Oracle database data files to the IPSTOR system, allowing for a common storage system between all databases.  With the use of the Automatic Storage Manager (ASM), this will allow us to provide failover when an Oracle instance goes down.

·         Prepare new file service infrastructure – We will purchase and install Xythos Document Management Suite licenses to establish document classes and workflow processes prior to migrating file service off Netware. 

·         Establish OIS best practices policy for web application data storage – We will determine and document the best practices for storing data based on the security, interoperability, and reuse needs of the data.  The documentation will include a decision tree to aid in determining how data will be stored.  Data may be stored in a tightly controlled database, loosely controlled database, or flat files.  

·         Purchase Card Application process – We will create a web base application that will allow employees to request a purchasing credit card.

·         Distribute Tuition Remission Information to UW System institutions - We will provide an electronic method of distributing institution and systemwide data to UW System institutions via the internet.  The purpose is to protect institution and systemwide data by means of secure connections and single sign-on authorization.  This project will securely provide data to institutions in a more consistent manner.

Changed projects

·         Migrate file services from Netware to Xythos – We will assess the effect of document scanning initiative on Xythos implementation, particularly on the implementation of document classes conforming to UWSA records retention schedules.

·         Revise IAA processes through early adoption of the IAM software - We will simplify IAA provisioning mechanisms and meaningful preparation for externalizing user account management and authentication for OIS developed applications.  We propose to be an early adopter using the Identity and Access Management infrastructure to be replaced late winter 2010. 

Postponed projects

The below projects are on hold due to lack of customer resources.  They may restart in FY2011.

·         Distribute Extramural Salary Information to UW System institutions - We will provide an electronic method of distributing institution and systemwide data to UW System institutions via the internet.  The purpose is to protect institution and systemwide data by means of secure connections and single sign-on authorization.  This project will securely provide data to institutions in a more consistent manner.

·         Migrate queries and jobs from Hyperion Foundation 8.5 to Oracle Interactive Reporting 11 – We will migrate queries and jobs to the upgraded web based BI reporting tool, ensuring that web links and reports continue to work for the end user.

·         Sick Leave Estimator – We will create a web based application for employees who plan on retiring to estimate how long their health insurance premiums will continue based on the amount of sick leave they have accumulated.

·         Create/Revise the current Facilities Planning Data System – We will collaborate with all UWSA departments which relate with or report on Facilities data.  We hope to develop a single system to meet the needs of all departments involved.

·         Replace the current application program version system - We will replace the CVS with Subversion for better control of software development and release management.  The scope of this has changed to a review and upgrade of the entire development platform infrastructure

New Projects

Below is a list of identified new projects whose definitions and requirements may be initiated in fiscal year 2011. 

·         Windows 7 Assessment and Deployment – Evaluate infrastructure readiness and estimate schedule for Windows 7 deployment

·         Investigate paper document imaging and management.  This is an ELFS life insurance requirement but has broader applications

·         CPB Support – Identify scope and requirements of GIS service infrastructure and land records digitization and retrieval

·         HTTP Services – Convert content architecture to a third-party Content Management framework MODx

·         Develop dashboard services with MODx for Footprints, Zimbra and Xythos

·         HTTP Services – Consolidate SSL Certificate Presentation, Negotiation, and Management to an “SSL Farm.”

·         HTTP Services – Upgrade static content servers and establish service redundancy

·         Network – Evaluate wireless upgrade from 802.11a/b/g infrastructure to 802.11n infrastructure

·         Network – Evaluate upgrading 780 Regent Street wiring closet to campus 21C network standards

·         Upgrade Oracle from version 10 to version 11

·         Video Conferencing Initiative – Implement video conferencing infrastructure

·         Evaluate End-Point Security requirements – Look at providing an even more full-featured end-point security system which will cover UWSA computing and storage end points in more depth than with just anti-virus protection, and to cover more operating systems than just Windows

·         Restricted Data – Survey UWSA departments for the presence of “Restricted Data”.  Write a risk analysis and create a risk migration recommendation report for each department

·         With implementation of the HRS, queries to Infoaccess need to be rewritten to access the Enterprise Productivity Manager (EPM)

·         With implementation of the HRS, the UWSA HRIS data load configuration needs to access the  EPM instead of InfoAccess

·         Wisconsin GI Bill supplemental payment online application

·         Longitudinal Data Systems – as a DPI sub grantee, received an ARRA grant to incorporate the Wisconsin Student number in the UW System student databases (grant expires June, 2013)

·         Changes to CDR due to accountability, growth agenda and longitudinal data systems grant

·         Restructure the CDR student database to improve data normalization for better ease of use, and build new key structure to improve performance and reduce social security number exposure

·         Replace AIX UNIX based hardware with Intel Linux based hardware

·         Upgrade Oracle data base operating systems from AIX to Linux

·         Combine the CDR2 and CDR3 instances

·         Perform ACT document distribution

·         Develop mobile application infrastructure

·         Incorporate chat into UWSA culture