Timing of Payroll, Fringe Benefit, Payment Methods

The University of Wisconsin System (UWS) payroll adheres to federal and state payroll laws. Several policies specific to the University are Payment Methods and Timing for Payroll (G32), Personal Services Payments (F31) and Salary and Fringe Benefits Calculations for Unclassified Staff (F29).  The UW Service Center processes payroll for all of UWS.

Payroll Deductions

Optional payroll deductions are authorized by Wis. Stat. § 40.03(6) and Wis. Stat. § 20.921.  Payroll deductions for charitable purposes are authorized by Wis. Admin. Code § 30.

Social Security Corrections

The University of Wisconsin System (UWS) is required, by law or regulation, to transmit data to various governmental agencies. An essential piece of information required is an employee's correct Social Security number. A Social Security Number Correction Policy as been provided to UWS institutions to be followed when an outside governmental agency advises us of a Social Security or other employment authorization discrepancy for a UWS employee.