Human Resources

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin System Office of Human Resources. We provide services to all UW employees across the State of Wisconsin. The UW System Office of Human Resources is responsible for developing, implementing, and administering a comprehensive human resource program across the state of Wisconsin to all UW employees.

For Human Resources information specific to your institution, contact your Office of Human Resources.

Employee Categories

Each employee category is unique with regard to type of work performed, job security, benefits package, and/or ability to organize unions.

Titles and Salary

All positions are assigned to a specific title and salary range. This assignment of positions to titles is based on “best fit” using the title definitions.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations staff seek to build and maintain employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory employee productivity, motivation, and morale.

Employee Training & Development

As a means of providing employees with opportunities for professional development, UW System Administration has developed a variety of training programs.

Workplace Safety

UW System’s goal is to provide a safe and healthful higher education environment for faculty, staff, students, visitors, and persons utilizing UW programs and UW facilities.