Change in Appointment Percentage

If you reduce your hours from full-time to part-time, click on your appointment type below to see a summary of how a reduction in hours affects your benefits.

Click on the plan names below to see more information about how an increase or decrease in your hours affects your benefits.

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

If you are not covered by the WRS and you increase your number of hours works, you may become eligible for the WRS

If you are covered by the WRS, you will keep coverage if you reduce your hours of work, but you will earn less creditable service.

  • WRS creditable service is based on the number of hours paid.
  • Unclassified Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited appointees must be paid for 1,320 hours in a fiscal year to earn 1 year of WRS creditable service.
  • Classified employees must be paid for 1,904 hours in a calendar year to earn 1 year of WRS creditable service.

State Group Health Insurance

If you are covered by WRS and work less than 50%, you can enroll in State Group Health Insurance within 30 days of increasing your appointment to 50% or more.

If you are covered by WRS and work less than 50%, you will be required to pay the less-than-half time rates for health insurance (half the total premium).

Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA)

If you change your appointment percentage, this may allow you to change your Health Care and/or Dependent Day Care FSA election. You must contact WageWorks (1-855-428-0446) to see if your change qualifies as a Change in Status and submit a Change in Status form directly to WageWorks within 30 days of the date of the change.

Tax-Sheltered Annuity 403(b) Program and Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program

You may want to change your deduction if you increase or reduce your appointment percentage. See the Tax-Sheltered Annuity or Wisconsin Deferred Compensation page for information about how to enroll and/or change your election. 

Every effort has been made to ensure this information is current and correct. This page does not guarantee enrollment or the ability to make changes to your benefits.