University Insurance Association (UIA) Board

The University Insurance Association (UIA) Board represents all UW System employees who are members of the University Insurance Association. The Board also administers the decreasing term life insurance offered by the UIA. Faculty, academic staff and limited appointees, who meet the annual eligibility requirements for membership, are automatically considered members of the UIA and are covered by the decreasing term life insurance administered by the UIA Board.

The University Insurance Association and the UIA Board were established in 1939 to promote the welfare of the public employees of the University of Wisconsin engaged in teaching, research, or administration by providing life insurance to its members. The life insurance is meant to supplement retirement benefits that may provide inadequate protection to the families of employees who die before retirement or after a short period of service.


The University Insurance Association (UIA) Board consists of nine people elected by the members of the UIA. The normal term of each appointment is three years, and the terms are staggered to provide continuity to the function of the Board.

Scott Beyer, UW-Oshkosh

William Maas, President, UW-LaCrosse

William Ogden, UW-Eau Claire

Donna Robole, Secretary, UW-River Falls

Carey Woodward, UW-Colleges (Fond du Lac)

Sean Carey, Treasurer, UW-Stevens Point

Hamid Milani, Nominating Committee, UW-Colleges (Marathon County)

Kristopher Presler, Vice-President, UW-Eau Claire