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Charting a New Course for the UW System Report



WHEREAS, the Board of Regents has been engaged in a year-long study, titled "Charting a New Course for the UW System," to determine the best direction for the future of the University of Wisconsin System; and

WHEREAS, the study's five working groups were motivated by the potential effects of a changing state fiscal environment; the growing demand for educational services; and the rapidly evolving technological and economic environment of public higher education in Wisconsin; and

WHEREAS, the preliminary recommendations reflect the Board's work to analyze the forces driving change in higher education; identify the factors that will inhibit or enable the UW to continue serving the needs of Wisconsin; and identify short- and long-term actions that can sustain the quality for which the UW System is known; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Regents is committed to preserving and building teaching, research and public service, while at the same time, stabilizing the university's financial base;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents accepts the recommendations of the five working groups and approves for forwarding the preliminary report of the Board of Regents study, "Charting a New Course for the UW System," consisting of the working group recommendations, as amended and arranged, and the foreword describing the current national outlook and partnership between the UW System and the state of Wisconsin; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Regents expresses special appreciation to Regent Guy Gottschalk, chair of the "Charting" activity and to all the UW System faculty, students, staff, administrators and community leaders who participated in the working group activities and whose knowledge, experience and dedication helped shape the recommendations for the UW System's future course.