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Resident Tuition for Undocumented Students



That the Board of the University of Wisconsin System supports a change in Wisconsin law that would expand the current exemptions from nonresident tuition to include undocumented persons meeting legislatively determined criteria with respect to attendance at Wisconsin schools, continuous presence in the state, acceptance at a UW System institution, and evidence of intent to apply as soon as eligible for permanent residence in the United States through the United States Department of Homeland Security; and

That the Board affirms its support of s.36.27(2)(a)6, Wisconsin Statutes, exempting from nonresident tuition migrant workers and their families; and

That the Board further encourages UW System institutions to utilize available financial aid resources, including the remission of nonresident tuition where consistent with s.36.l27(3)(a)-(c), Wisconsin Statutes and federal law, to provide financial support for immigrant students seeking to enter UW System institutions.

06/10/04                                                                                                Resolution II