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University of Wisconsin System Fact Sheet


September 5, 2003

  • State statutes require that the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents annually set salary ranges for UW senior executives. The board met and adjusted these ranges on September 2.

  • No executive salary raises were approved at the September meeting. The goal was to set ranges so that searches could go forward for new chancellors at the UW-Milwaukee and UW-Stevens Point campuses.

  • Thirty-five of the university’s 28,000 employees are in the executive salary program. All state classified and UW academic staff by law must be paid a salary at least at their range minimums, but 14 executives are below the range minimums (mostly chancellors of the comprehensive campuses).

  • There are nine ranges, two of which are established by the legislature’s Joint Committee on Employment Relations. Of the remaining seven, two ranges were lowered and five were raised to reflect peer market salaries.

  • UW System President Lyall and UW-Madison Chancellor Wiley, the UW senior vice presidents and the vice chancellors would not qualify for any pay increases.

  • UW executives received no salary increases last January when UW faculty and staff received increases.

  • The standard Regent meeting notification was followed, adhering to open meeting requirements.