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Resolution of Commendation for Kathleen R. Sell

University of Wisconsin Board of Regents

June 7, 2002

WHEREAS, Kathleen R. Sell has served the University of Wisconsin System with great dedication and distinction for 19 years beginning as a senior budget planner; and

WHEREAS, she has served as the chief budget officer for the university system since 1986 and for fifteen years as Associate Vice President for Budget Planning & Chief Budget Officer; and

WHEREAS, in that role, she has effectively managed a professional staff responsible for the operating and capital budget, market research and planning and development of the biennial budget, and has advised the president, chancellors and the board on budget development and implementation; and

WHEREAS, she has successfully shepherded eight UW System biennial budget requests through the state budget process that have allowed the UW System to provide opportunities for thousands of Wisconsin students; and

WHEREAS, she is seen as a national leader in public university budget matters and is a role model and mentor to many in the profession including the budget officers on the UW campuses; and

WHEREAS, she also served in the mid-90's as Special Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff for the Board of Regent's Study of the UW System in the 21st Century; and

WHEREAS, her leadership on that project, on the EM-21 planning and most recently on "Building Our Resource Base" helped chart the present course for the university system; and

WHEREAS, with her background in teaching both at the high school and college level, she has brought a special understanding of the needs of faculty and instructional staff to her role as chief budget officer; and

WHEREAS, she has worked effectively as a staunch supporter of higher education with others in state government and has been wonderful and supportive colleague, mentor and friend to her associates;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents commends Kathleen R. Sell for her lifelong passion for education and her enormous contributions to the UW System and the citizens of Wisconsin, and extends sincere best wishes on the occasion of her transition to a full-time teaching assignment in Integrated Liberal Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Gerard Randall, Vice President
UW Board of Regents
Katharine C. Lyall, President
UW System


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