Precollege Programming

The purpose of precollege programming is to increase college-going aspirations and preparedness for postsecondary education in the population of Wisconsin’s K-12 students.  These programs are an important component in the broader effort to achieve equitable outcomes in higher education for all student populations. 

Precollege programs may include opportunities for academic skill-building, college and career exploration, and academic/personal enrichment (e.g., arts, sports, leadership skills, computer camps.)  Comprehensive precollege programming may also include components for parents/caregivers, K-12 teachers, and campus faculty (e.g., teacher education faculty.) The purpose of these components/programs is to help those groups promote college-going behaviors in K-12 students, including advocacy for post-secondary preparation and participation in a K-16 education.

A variety of precollege programs are offered at every UW institution, including the UW Colleges.  Programs cover a wide array of subjects such as college and career exploration, computer camps, music, art, study skills, math, science, leadership skills, sports, cheerleading, and others--a complete list is available through the Precollege Program Directory.

The length of programs varies, including one-day, weekly, bi-weekly, residential, academic year, and summer programs. Students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch may qualify for a Department of Public Instruction scholarship if indicated. The Precollege Directors/Coordinators at each UW institution can advise students and families about options, costs, dates and more.

Precollege Resources

  • Precollege Program Directory
    A complete listing of the programs offered by UW institutions to K-12 students across the state of Wisconsin
  • Precollege Pipeline Data
    The Precollege Pipeline Data project identifies populations of students of color in the Wisconsin precollege population by school district, school, grade, race ethnicity, and gender-showing percentages.  The data may be used to inform recruitment planning and practices for students of color in the state of Wisconsin.
  • M/D Precollege Database
    This database is used to inform University of Wisconsin Institutions, the Board of Regents, the State Legislature, and others regarding the level of college-preparation and college-going rates of M/D precollege participants, characteristics of participants, and varying levels of M/D precollege program participation across University of Wisconsin campuses.
  • KnowHow2Go Wisconsin
    The KnowHow2Go Wisconsn Network strives to increase the number of Wisconsin residents who earn postsecondary degrees by supporting and encouraging college access initiatives.
  • Wisconsin Covenant
    The Wisconsin Covenant was created to inspire young people to plan early for a successful high-school career that will lead to higher education. In return for meeting the Covenant goals and keeping the Covenant pledge, a Wisconsin Covenant Student will be recognized as a Wisconsin Covenant Scholar, earn a place within our partnered systems of higher education, and receive a financial aid package--based on their family’s financial need--to help make college affordable.

    The Wisconsin Covenant program has been discontinued. Those students who have already signed the pledge are still eligible to receive benefits providing they fulfill the requirements of the program.