Equity Scorecard

Inclusive Excellence

Equity Scorecard is a possible tool for identifying and measuring instituion specific benchmarks to be included in each institution's Inclusive Excellence, plan.

Furthering the Growth Agenda

As a part of UW System's Growth Agenda Strategy: More Graduates, finding from EqS will help inform which strategies would be most effective in increasing retention and graduation rates.

The EqS process will help institutions learn how to frame questions of retention and graduation in equity-minded language.

The UW System Equity Scorecard involves UW institutions in a voluntary process of sustained inquiry for the purpose of fostering institutional change. The Equity Scorecard and accompanying methods use disaggregated data to identify more refined pathways and strategies for eliminating inequities in educational opportunities and outcomes.

Created by Dr. Estela Bensimon and the University of Southern California’s Center for Urban Education, the Equity Scorecard seeks to foster educational excellence by closing equity/achievement gaps for historically underrepresented students.  The inquiry process emphasizes the measurement of equity gaps in relation to educational outcomes for students who have been traditionally underserved and/or underrepresented at institutions in the UW System.