Government Relations

UW System Task Force on Recovery and Reinvestment

Energy Briefing

This event took place April 9, 2009 on the UW-Madison campus.
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The purpose of the UW System Task Force on Recovery and Reinvestment is to maximize the capture and utilization of federal economic stimulus funds coming to Wisconsin and the University.  Activities of the task force will be to:

  • Review enacted legislation
  • Identify and categorize funding opportunities related specifically to higher education
  • Identify other funding opportunities for partnership and collaboration with other state agencies and the private sector
  • Coordinate and facilitate communication of opportunities to UW institutions and partners


Membership of the task force will be fluid, taking advantage of the right expertise at the right time.  The core membership has been selected around the following areas:

  • Financial aid
  • Building programs
  • Research
  • Energy
  • Broadband access
  • Federal relations and communications



We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions for stimulus projects.  Email us at