Government Relations

UW System Position on Bills Introduced in the Legislature During the 2007-2008 Session

Pending Legislation

AB 619

Remedial Legislation for Administration of BadgerNet

Full Description

(by Law Revision Committee) The Law Revision Committee has agreed to introduce, at the request of the University of Wisconsin System, remedial legislation related to System administration of BadgerNet.

In WI Act 20, 2007-08 state Budget, a drafting error occurred in using the phrase “telecommunications services” versus “BadgerNet Converged Network” when referring to UW System’s administration of Universal Service Fund (USF) revenues for the BadgerNet Program.  The Governor vetoed the provision, suggesting “telecommunications services” was too vague. 

LRB 3031 replaces “telecommunications services” with “BadgerNet Converged Network,” as originally requested by UW System, making the statutes consistent with the Governor’s intent and the Legislature’s intent in WI Act 20. 

LRB 3031 will be offered on behalf of the Law Revision Committee (Joint Chairs Rep. Suder and Sen. Carpenter) as an Assembly bill.

UW System Position

SUPPORT:  This bill is requested as remedial legislation by the UW System.