Government Relations

UW System Position on Bills Introduced in the Legislature During the 2007-2008 Session

Pending Legislation

AB 469
Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities

Full Description

(Roessler/Seidel)   The bill requires a publisher of instructional materials, within 15 working day after receipt of a request to provide, at no additional cost, instructional material in an electronic format to a nonprofit or public institution of higher education, including an institution providing vocational training, located in this state (institution of higher education) or to a state repository for alternative format instructional materials, which the Wisconsin Technical College System and the University of Wisconsin System are directed to establish jointly.

Referred to Assembly Committee on Colleges & Universities.  7/18/07

UW System Position

SUPPORT: The University of Wisconsin System is supportive of providing instructional materials in electronic and alternative formats and facilitating timely access to those materials by students with a disability.

We anticipate that there will be initial startup costs, periodic equipment replacement costs, as well as annual ongoing costs related to the establishment of a repository of instructional materials.  Initial startup costs (storage area network, server, scanner) are estimated to total $134,000.  Annual costs for salaries and fringes and other costs would amount to $210,000.  It is assumed that the costs proposed will be shared between the UWS and WTCS.  

With required budget cuts in administrative functions over the last two biennium we ask that consideration be given to include a GPR appropriation to cover costs associated with this new directive.