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UW System Position on Bills Introduced in the Legislature During the 2005-2006 Session

Pending Legislation

SB 372

Biomedical Technology Alliance (BTA)

Full Description

(Kanavas) Appropriates $2 million GPR to support biomedical research to a consortium of Southeastern Wisconsin universities, including UW-Milwaukee and UW-Parkside.

To Committee on Job Creation, Economic Development and Consumer Affairs

UW System Position

SUPPORT: Investment in research for southeastern Wisconsin is critical to the spin-off of well paying knowledge economy jobs. The Biotechnology Alliance (BTA) was funded with $2. 5 million in the 2005-07 state budget. Governor Doyle vetoed $2 million of the amount because the Dept. of Commerce funding source tapped for the program was already being utilized for other important high technology centers around the state. The bill corrects the funding source and grants the Board of Regents $2 million to supplement the $500,000 approved in Wisconsin Act 25. No monies can be expended unless the Board of Regents secures private, local, or federal matching funds that are equal to 100 percent of the moneys to be expended. None of the funds can be used for administration.