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UW System Position on Bills Introduced in the Legislature During the 2005-2006 Session

Pending Legislation

SB 329

UW-Milwaukee Parking

Full Description

(Darling). The bill allows a local government to restrict the parking adjacent to a homeowners residence to the homeowner and their guests in areas near a campus. It also takes from the UW-Milwaukee 721 parking spaces on the street if the campus creates 721 spaces on campus.

To Natural Resources and Transportation

UW System Position

OPPOSE: Last session a similar bill was introduced. Due to the limited availability of parking on or near campuses, it can be challenging and inconvenient for students to park a long distance from the campus, especially for non-traditional students for whom we are working to be more user friendly. While UW Milwaukee has, in the spirit of compromise, identified 721 new spaces on campus or in satellite lots that could accommodate the requirements of the bill, passage would establish a precedent that could lead to similar legislation in other communities with UW campuses. The students attending commuter campuses could be especially disadvantaged by the bill. The real solution is the approval by state and local governments of sufficient parking structures to accommodate student transportation needs. UW-Milwaukee has been seeking the approval of neighborhood groups for years to expand the availability of parking structures to reduce the conflict of students parking in neighborhoods and making it difficult for the homeowners and their guests to find parking.