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UW System Position on Bills Introduced in the Legislature During the 2005-2006 Session

Pending Legislation

AB 879

Tuition Remission for Disabled Veteran's dependents

Full Description

(Musser) Wisconsin 2005 Budget Act 25 provided tuition remission for spouses, children, or surviving spouses of veterans who entered the service while a resident of the state and either died while on duty or incurred a service-connected disability rated as 30 percent or more while a resident of the state. The bill removes the requirement that the veteran incurred the service-connected disability while a resident of this state. This bill adds eligibility to spouses, surviving spouses, or children of veterans if the veteran was a resident of the state for at least ten continuous years before the student registers and the veteran had incurred a service-connected disability that is 30 percent or more.

Referred to: Military Affairs

UW System Position

AMEND: This bill should be amended to include a GPR appropriation to replace the estimated lost tuition revenue of over three-quarters of a million dollars. Without the replacement revenue, tuition would increase for other students, or services and teaching for veterans and non-veteran students alike would be reduced. New remissions included in the biennial budget will already reduce revenues by $2-3 million annually.