Government Relations

UW System Position on Bills Introduced in the Legislature During the 2005-2006

Pending Legislation

AB 595

College Parallel Offerings Expanded at WTCS

Full Description

(Wood) Currently college parallel programs are available only at Madison Area technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and Nicolet Area Technical College. This bill expands the college parallel programs to include any technical college district in the WTC System in which there is not located a University of Wisconsin two-year college campus.

UW System Position

AMEND: The UW System supports the concept of increasing liberal arts transfer possibilities. The bill would allow three additional technical colleges in the state to offer what the UW Colleges can and does already offer, making WTCS efforts duplicative and unnecessary.

The bill should be amended to make the UW Colleges the provider of programs in collaboration with and on the named technical colleges. With the integration of the UW Colleges with the UW-Extension, the UW colleges are able to deliver courses in every county of the state. The UW Colleges is already the premier statewide provider of liberal arts education at the freshman-sophomore level at the lowest cost. We should not duplicate efforts, especially given the current state financial situation, but should use the strengths of the UW Colleges and WTCS.