Government Relations

UW System Position on Bills Introduced in the Legislature During the 2005-2006 Session

Pending Legislation

AB 578

Faculty/Student governance policies

Full Description

(Schneider) Creates a so-called UW Students "Bill of Rights."

  1. Requires an instructor to approve or deny a request to add a course within five days of the request.
  2. Requires an instructor teaching a class with only one examination to provide a week of study time before the examination.
  3. Requires the suspension of all parking rules for the week preceding and following each semester.
  4. Allows students to evaluate deans and associate deans.
  5. Requires grades to be submitted no later than ten days after the final examination for the course.
  6. Prohibits an instructor from requiring students to purchase or use a text the instructor has authored for the course without obtaining the approval of the student government.
  7. Requires the chancellor to revoke tenure of a faculty member or deduct six months’ pay for an untenured instructor whose academic advising causes a student to be enrolled at least one semester more than he or she otherwise would have been enrolled.
  8. Prohibits an instructor from requiring students to complete a course evaluation until after the final examination is given.
  9. Requires, by no later than the 2012 academic year, audio or video recordings of all lectures and course sessions to be made available to students for downloading from the Internet.
  10. Requires an instructor who adopts a policy of reducing the grades of a student due to illness resulting in absenteeism to state that policy in writing and permits a student to appeal any decision based on that policy to the appropriate academic dean.

UW System Position

OPPOSE -- The campuses of the UW System have policies in place to address the issues raised by the bill. Faculty are in the best position to set academic curriculum and should not be limited by the weight of a text book or its author. The bill intrudes on academic decisions best left to be worked out between faculty and student in the current shared governance process. See Aug. 16, 2004 letter to Rep. Schneider from then Regent President Marcovich.